Video captures Trudeau seemingly speak candidly about Trump at NATO summit

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Video captures Trudeau seemingly speak candidly about Trump at NATO summit 4
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other foreign leaders have been caught on camera apparently talking candidly about U.S. President Donald Trump, with the footage now going viral and stoking fears of a backlash.

The video was shot during a reception at Buckingham Palace held Tuesday night in London, where leaders from NATO‘s 29 countries are marking the 70th anniversary of the military alliance with two days of meetings and discussions.

In it, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson can be heard asking French President Emmanuel Macron why he was late, to which Trudeau says: “He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top.”

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awesome! its like a highschool drama. We never grow up, we're all a bunch of children

Author — brodie ward


Two faced only ? Most politicians can put on much more than that

Author — EngleHump


its like when one group of kids gets caught for making fun of someone at school that everyone makes fun of but they are the only ones who got caught

Author — Nathan Freund


Well, when the Canadians (hi I'm one) stop apologizing, you know its gotten bad.

Author — Matthew Oldhaver


Of course he's two-faced, we already saw his second face reveal in pictures from years ago in October.

Author — Mr.Grizzly


It’s interesting that Trump is only talking about Trudeau.

And let’s be honest, Trump talks shot about EVERYBODY.

Author — Emmanuel Lagace


High School Drama news in global politics, welcome to 2019.

Author — Castizo


lmao you can't even say "his own team was surprised by his actions" without him bursting into tears.

Author — Bookmouse


Now imagine all the petty talk that happens among world leaders behind closed doors.

Author — Anik Alam


When journalists have nothing to say. Nothing bad or embarrassing was said here. This is not a story

Author — Alain Hache


People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Author — Peace Please


Justin put more thought into the socks he wanted to show off, than he did to the job he was supposed to do that day.

Author — 12345NoNamesLeft


Why couldn’t Justin just have said yes it was not appropriate and then apologize. Instead he is a dirty sleazy sidestepper around the issue.

Author — Shawn Lund


It would be funny to hear more of what world leaders actually think about Trump.

Author — Lorax Dave Walters


Rutte laughing at his own joke was too funny

Author — sam e


Yup nothing to be surprised about good old black face

Author — Who said that ?


Donald trump went back to his hotel room and cried.

Author — Frankie Chong


Dont think he is honest about blackface. See real color of him as backstabber.

Author — Theresa


By now everyone around the world knows trump is a laughing stock. No surprise here.

Author — J Douglas


what did he say that was so bad lmaooo just that he was late and had some banter

Author — Danks