FITUEYES Mobile TV Stand for 32' - 65' [ How to Assemble ]

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Gear Used:
1 - iPhone XR
2 - Tripod for Digital & Camcorder Camera
3 - Ring Light 12-inch LED
4 - VIJIM R70 RGB LED Light
5 - Aputure MC RGB LED Light
7 - Mirfak Audio TU1 USB Microphone
8 - Urbanista Miami Bass ANC Wireless Headphones

-=-=-= TIME STAMPS =-=-=-
0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Introduction: FITUEYES Mobile TV Cart 32" - 65"
0:30 - FITUEYES Website
0:47 - UNBOXING Intro
1:04 - Assembling Mobile TV Cart Process
3:24 - Locks for LED TV on the TV Stand
4:09 - Cable Management System
4:23 - Final Look - FITUEYES TV Cart
5:04 - Outro: Comes with Easy to Follow Instructions

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Pretty cool stand.. looks easy to put together

Author — Pogiboy Productions


After finding out which mobile stand would be good for a 42-inch monitor, I found your review video. Your review was so easy to understand that I found it on Amazon in Japan so I decided to buy it.

Author — Hiroaki Tanaka


Is the height adjustable without unmounting the tv ?

Author — Hardik A


hi! if you roll the stand, it is stable??? has he lean on the wall or can you place it in the middle of the room?

Author — Oliver Schuhmacher


Show how to put screws on the back of tv

Author — Darlene Harris


HI !!!...My Friend..TJz Adventures .///.🙂.👌.😃./// stay safe /// how are you ? ///..🙂.!👌!.😃../// really good your video you do a very good job continue like that and in a hurry to see your next video Big like

Author — PhénixMan 4K . 8K