The Battle Over Wearing Masks | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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The Battle Over Wearing Masks | The Daily Social Distancing Show 5

Updated guidelines on covering your nose and mouth while outside to help slow the spread of coronavirus have some people reacting with willful defiance. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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“I don’t know if not wearing a mask is a way to honor God but it’s definitely a way to see him sooner” 😂😂😂

Author — Anelise Teodoro


This country is embarrassing honestly.

Author — imsimplytiara


evangelicals: "We are all created in the image of god and should never cover parts of our body"
also evangelicals: "we have to censor every nipple"



They fight for this. But keep silent when innocent men are gun down. Go figure America!

Author — Marc Henn


"I don' want the govermint telli'me watt tudooo..." The government governs. It's literally in the name.

Author — J B


They think it's difficult to breathe while wearing a mask?? Try breathing on a ventilator.

Author — L W


I live in south korea, and a key part of the strategy here was everyone wearing masks. It has been proven to help stop the spread by many studies, I simply don’t understand why Europe and USA hate the masks so much, and insist they don’t work.

Author — christian bargholz


I like Trevor Noah the youtuber. Suits him well.

Author — Chelsea Yell


Good leadership is important, America doesn’t have one right now

Author — msbebebebs


God save the US homeland. Coz americans wouldn't survive anywhere else with their mindsets



In movies : America saving the world
In reality : America being stupid 😶

Author — Sanuthi Weerasena


The rest of the world is laughing at us, seeing how dumb we are. We’re creeping closer to 100k deaths and republicans are still not seeing how dangerous this is. They can’t call themselves the party of Christianity. They care about money more than lives.

Author — The


This is the Karen’s civil rights movement.

Author — Jeff LaClaire


The lowest among us are trying to take everyone down with them.

Seriously? A mask?

Americans are not smart at all.

It is alarming.

Author — Dave Lister


I’m embarrassed to be in America at this point. To the rest of the world we look like absolute ignorant and selfish people.

Author — Cristina Alvarado


The problem with westerners is they've never had any real problems in their lives. They've not seen war, or disease, or starvation. They don't understand how easy their lives are, so they behave like spoiled, ignorant children.

Author — Garett James


MAGA: “I’m a law abiding, god fearing, responsible gun owner”

Also MAGA: “you can’t make we wear a mask over this fake virus” *gun in hand in the steps of government building*

Author — Monica Sainz


That’s the problem with giving too much freedom to uneducated people...

Author — 老外Random


America surprises me. Who'd have thought they had this amount of stupid.

Author — Osasu Elaiho


Actually, when Moses came down from the mountain, the children of Israel covered his entire face with a cloth because it was glowing. #MosesMask!

Author — Éamonn Síoċáin