Hitler is Disappointed by his Allies - WW2 - 061 - October 26, 1940

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Hitler is Disappointed by his Allies - WW2 - 061 - October 26, 1940 5

Hitler finds out that not everyone is ready to do his bidding. Much to the frustration of Hitler, Franco, Petain and Mussolini all have their reasons to take the high road.

Written and Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Produced and Directed by: Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard
Executive Producers: Bodo Rittenauer, Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson
Creative Producer: Joram Appel
Research by: Indy Neidell
Edited by: Karolina Dołęga
Map animations: Eastory

Sources: Biplane by Hea Poh Lin from the Noun Project

A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.

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Author — World War Two


'Hitler is disappointed by his allies'

Isn't this just the subtitle for the whole war?

Author — Lachlan


"Italy decided to declare war on Greece without telling Hitler"

Top Ten pictures taken seconds before disaster

Author — A Simple Doki


At this rate Indy will need a special Patreon just for the phone bills!

Author — One of Many James-es


Literally nobody:

Indie: Y O U A R E A D O L F H I T L E R

Author — Isaac Sanchez


“I can take Greece”

- Someone who can’t take Greece

Author — Ethan R


"You are Adolph Hitler"

You did not ask for this. You did not want this.

Author — MJBull515


“Hitler disappointed in his allies” Sounds about right

Author — Never Mind


_From prime-minister/dictator Metaxas' diary:_

*October 24:* Rumors from Rome that tomorrow Italy will attack us. From Ioannina. Also, there is an article from Times and nervousness from the Germans and their hope that I will keep neutrality against England. If they want this, why they are provoking me? We took every necessary measure.
*October 25:* No Italian attack today. Evening news that one regiment on the left wing moved forward. Obvious attacking formation. On the other hand, I have assurances from everywhere that situation is calm. I’m starting to assume that the Italians are waiting for us to call the English to take some islands and bases, so they have an excuse to attack. Tonight, was the premiere of “Madame Butterfly”. Enthusiastic welcome. *
* The Italian embassy organized to play Giacomo Puccini’s _“Madame Butterfly”_ in Athens, namely, to strengthen the Greco-Italian relations, and for this it brought from Italy Antonio Puccini, the composer’s son. At the same time, Fascist Italy was preparing for an invasion.
*October 26:* Neither today we had an attack. My yesterday’s opinion is strengthened. We have news from everywhere about quietness for Greece. But Spain? France?

Author — V. Athanasiou


4:22 Mussolini's head looks like it's from Minecraft. xd

Author — PatrykCXXVIII


Seems like Indy's telephone conversations has gotten so big, he needs not one, not two, but three phones today! Probably must be Franco, Petain and Mussolini calling at the same time... How quaint!

Author — Dickson Phua


"Tomorrow (uuuu the future)" That killed me 😂😂

Author — Emilio Mejill


The Greco-Italian War – The days before the invasion

October 20, 1940

The greek ambassador to Rome with an urgent encrypted message, informs his government that on October 15, the Italians finalized their decision to invade Greece. The ambassador also informs that the Germans do not know anything about Mussolini’s decision and that the attack will probably start between 25th and 28th of October. Furthermore, ten Italian divisions are ordered to move to Albania. The message reaches the Greek Government and the PM Ioannis Metaxas, in a period when the provocations from Italy have stopped.

October 21
The greek vice consul to Saranda (then Porto Edda), in southern Albania, wires to Athens that the Italian troops in his region advance towards the Greco-Albanian borders.

October 22
Ciano (Foreign Minister) confirms the final date of the invasion to Jiacomoni (Vice Roy in Albania). It will be the October 28.

The invasion will be justified by three incidents:
-          A bomb will explode in the evening of October 25, in the harbor of Vlore (southern Albania).
-          An Italian border post will be attacked in the morning of October 26.
-          In the morning of October 27, anti-Albanian and anti-Italian leaf lets will be dropped over the cities of southern Albania.

In all these cases, Greece and Great Britain will be accused. These will provide the justification for the invasion.

October 26, morning
The Italian news agency ‘Stefani’ broadcasts the news of the bomb in Vlore and the attack to the Italian border posts. The Italian authorities are looking for the Greek and British perpetrators. The Greek government denies any connection to the incidents.

October 26, evening
A great night! The Greek National Opera presents “Madama Butterfly” of Giaccomo Puccini. The event, sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Athens, is a token of goodwill towards Greece. The honored guest is Puccini’s son, Antonio. The Italian ambassador Emmanuelle Grazzi and all the top officials of the embassy, as well as, distinguished members of the Greek government and society are present. A great party is held afterwards in the Italian Embassy.

Nevertheless, ambassador Grazzi is nervous. He frequently leaves his guests and goes to the communication room of the embassy. The radio operators have started receiving an encrypted message from Rome. According to the schedule, the transmission will be concluded by the morning hours.

Author — George T


Me: Alright, time for another episode with my good friend and tutor, Indy.
Indy: YOU are Hitler!...

Author — Jon Baxter


If i had a ruble for everytime germany had usefull allies i would have no rubles

Author — soviet Marshal


0:30 my brain when I accidentally step on my cat's paw and he screeches

Author — KC M


Oh Hitler, you’ll be a lot more than just disappointed by a couple more things in the next few years.

Author — bespit


Next time Indy will have 4 phones...adding Japanese Emperor to the list....well done guys, another nice and thrilling episode.

Author — Canthama


In other news, Francisco Franco is STILL dead.

Author — Brian Garrow


0:30 when someone who doesn’t know who Charlie Chaplin is sees Charlie Chaplin

Author — Aspen Lovelock