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Adam Pacitti is here to give his What Happened At WWE TLC 2018 review as he runs down every match from tonight's WWE TLC 2018 PPV.

WWE TLC 2018 Results/Highlights:
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy def. Cedric Alexander
Elias def. Bobby Lashley (Ladder Match)
Carmella & R-Truth def. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox to win Season 2 of Mixed Match Challenge
SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar def. The Usos and The New Day (Triple Threat Match)
Braun Strowman def. Raw “General Manager-Elect” Baron Corbin in a TLC Match to earn a Universal Title opportunity against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view
Natalya def. Ruby Riott (Tables Match)
Finn Bálor def. Drew McIntyre
Rey Mysterio def. Randy Orton (Chairs Match)
Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey def. Nia Jax
WWE Champion Daniel Bryan def. AJ Styles
Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins to become the new Intercontinental Champion
Asuka def. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion (TLC Match)



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Absolutely going to get some negativity because I didn't enjoy the finish when a lot of people did, which I figure I should address here as well as in the video.

I totally get the Ronda interference in the main event from a storyline perspective. The reason I wasn't a fan is because it feels like Asuka's first main roster title reign was gifted to her by Rousey, rather than her picking up the win entirely off of her own back, which I felt was a shame. After months and months of awful Asuka booking, this is one win I'd have liked to see her get entirely by herself, but overall I thought TLC was mostly brilliant with only a few things letting it down. I'm going to sleep now. GOODNIGHT x

Author — Cultaholic Wrestling


To be fair Pacitti, the way Asuka won the title is the only "negative" of what I call a perfect main event for several reasons.

*Becky Lynch* is stupid over, so she brings the heat, and her losing the title will not mitigate that at all
*Charlotte Flair* has now inherited her dad's trait of bumping and selling like mad to elevate a big match
*Asuka* finally has a main roster title in a superb match to redeem her crap booking over the past year
*Ronda Rousey's* interference makes complete sense storyline-wise... unbelievable in WWE, isn't it?
*The women* headlined a PPV not because of it being a novelty, but it had the most hype behind it

Also, Becky's receipt on Nia Jax was a great appetiser.

Author — Daryl Castillo


Yeah, I didn't like the ending either, but the moments prior were superb. I'm glad Asuka won, but yes, it did cheapen it a bit. Nevertheless, it sets up some great business going forward.

Author — SMC01ful


I disagree. I really liked the finish of the women's TLC match.

Author — miles black


Rollins and Ambrose should’ve been a tlc match or the smackdown tag titles. The Corbin vs strowman tlc was basically a chairs match since that was the only weapon used. Other than that the ppv was great

Author — jbhardy1


These 'what happened at' videos are my favorite show recap you guys do. Adam is brilliant at putting together the feelings of the show in what cannot be all that much time.

Author — Harkzoan


It was a pretty good pay-per-view tbh. But honestly it felt like Seth Vs Dean went on too long but it only went 23 1/2 minutes. Also i liked the finish of the ppv cause it sets up probably the next 6-12 months (depending on Blaszler, Shafir and Duke in NXT) with Ronda V Charlotte, Ronda V Becky at Mania, and then the 4 Horsewomen V 4 Horsewomen

Author — Josh Goates


I've noticed that when it comes to your favourite wrestlers Adam, that you get very worried about their credibility when something like this happens or if they lose a match or two. There is no way (God willing) that Asuka gets any weaker from here, nor does this win feel any cheaper. Asuka more than proved herself throughout the match and therefore, her victory was very much earned regardless of Ronda's interference. That's how you should really read it. Be happy she won, and be excited for what happens next!!

Author — AP12


Sure, Roode and Gable were left off the card but atleast you remember them. ... poor Shinsuke.

Author — Jelmer van Riet


I think, my main issue with the ppv was poor pacing

There were terrific moments here and there, but they weren’t organized in a way that kept a crowd invested.

As for the finish
The year ended how it started
Rhonda stealing Asuka’s moment

Author — Emma Bonn


Personally, I think the finish was perfect! Asuka’s win wasn’t dampened in the slightest because she hit some amazing spots through the match, as well as taking some punishment herself and continuously getting up after it, which in my opinion made her look really strong. The finish also took nothing away from Becky and Charlotte and added a much needed revitalisation to Ronda Rousey’s character, I personally don’t see any negatives with it

Author — Danyul O'Grady


I think the finish was *AWESOME* . It doesn't have to be a triple threat at Mania . We can have seperate Asuka vs Charlotte and Ronda vs Becky matches for the titles and that would be *AMAZING*



Fantastic ppv. Loved every single match. While the main event ending was a bit debatable, I guess it makes sense that Ronda got her revenge on both women. And also, I feel like we would have appreciated Rollins v Ambrose more, if it went on after Aj v Bryan.

Author — Nikhil Jose


I really liked the Balor match. It was the first time in a while I actually rooted for the guy. Overall I didn't think the show was terrible, much too long but I watched more of this than any other special event this year.

Author — Vincente M. Santiago


For me I've enjoyed TLC last night, although for some reason I wasn't really feeling the tables match between Natalya & Ruby Riot. The match was ok, but I wasn't feeling it though. Overall most of the tlc was enjoyable & even though I am happy Asuka won the main event, you did make a good point about the finish though mate & I'm happy that Corbin is no longer GM & hopefully whoever becomes the next RAW's gm, they can do better than Corbin.

Author — Jamieb1994


I also have a hard time determining the heel/face dynamics in the Ronda-Charlotte-Becky feud. But it's 2018, I don't think it matters that much.

As far as the finish goes, clearly this was not about Asuka. It was about building towards WM for Ronda-Charlotte-Becky. Maybe it won't be a triple threat, maybe WWE are just booking safe in case of injury... but I think it'll be a triple threat, and I'm okay with that. It will be a great match either way.

And if WWE feel that adding Charlotte gives this match enough star power to headline WM, I'm okay with that.

Author — Sébastien Lacroix


Entertaining for sure, regardless of the finish, its great to see Becky, Charlotte, Asuka, and Ronda (kinda) finish the show. Says that WWE is taking these women seriously, and hopefully some combination of them, with becky included please and thank you, will headline wrestlemania.

Author — Jonathan Hukill


Completely fine with the finish, it sets up that dream triple threat you all wanted
I know some people feel it cheapens Asuka’s win but anyone who saw the match knows she was good

Author — Finn Balor


After the PPV was over, I turned and said to a friend "As usual, this match was designed to do one thing: make Charlotte look like a star"
Adam, your rundown of your favourite spots proved that point.

Author — SirMaffew


This PPV was more of a story telling PPV rather than a pure wrestling PPV,

Author — Christian