Hydro Thunder - Nintendo 64 Review - HD

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Hydro Thunder is a speedboat racing sub-series game, originally an arcade game and later released for the Sega Dreamcast as a launch title in 1999. It was also released for PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in early 2000. A version for This game is part of Midway's Thunder series of racing games, which includes Offroad Thunder, 4 Wheel Thunder, and Arctic Thunder. Hydro Thunder Hurricane, a sequel to Hydro Thunder, was later released for the Xbox 360 on July 27, 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade.

Hydro Thunder review on the nintendo 64. Recorded using a dazzle and on original real console hardware and game cartridge.

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The Dreamcast version is gorgeous. A few weeks ago, I found it for 99 cents in a bargain bin. Awesome.

Author — Low Gunfire


Hi Glenn, after seeing this review I actually found a copy of the gray cart in a second hand store. But I would really like to say thank you because your awesome review prompted me to pick up a game that I am honestly loving right now. :D

Author — xXSuPeRkamiguruXx


How wierd I'm watching this whilst trying to mend a broken heart and some how it's helping me thank you glen aha!

Author — Jordii x


This was such a blast to play in the arcade

Author — Florida Cracker


“Mario Kart 64, Micro Machines 64, and Diddy Kong Racing.”
*pauses to take a sip of wine*

Author — sum dood


It was an amazing look game. I remembered it as beautiful, but after watching your video I saw that it was outstanding by its time!

Author — Rafael Giublin


In Italy on the N64 version there is a part you can go over with beautiful "tile work" graphics under the water, which the Dreamcast version (released earlier) doesn't have.
An interesting extra.

Author — Charlton Pryor


I remember when Dreamcast got this second after the arcade version and everyone wanted to play it so bad! Hehe, what a great era.

Author — Fenrir Fire


Took a class trip to Washington DC in 5th grade. One of the nights we were treated to an arcade and we played this game that debuted that week. Was a hit then and still is now

Author — Yellow Falcon-89


I love all types of racing games whether they be sim or arcade. I only played this a handful of times in the arcade and was done with it after I was finished drooling over the graphics and the cool controls. Years later however I picked up the N64 version and really enjoyed the crap out of it. Same thing happened with Cruis'n USA. I think it's worth more than just a borrow. I think it's worth a purchase for sure.

Author — OldsXCool


I'm always shocked over how good this game looks

Author — YamiVT


Hydro Thunder always reminded me of what Wave Race started out to be in beta before it was changed into the jet-ski racer we know and love. This game was a blast in arcades, though it seems the N64 just couldn't muster the power to produce the level of detail found in the arcade version nor the speed of gameplay. Thanks for the review!

Author — abystus


Nice review glenn :-) looks like a good game. I do prefer arcade type racers at the minute because i don't have the time for a sim type racer ! Looks Great for n64

Author — 16BitBrothers


awesome review. this is one of the few n64 games that I still need to really pickup and play. I just always seem to forget about finding it when im out game hunting lol. oh well, im sure ill find it soon

Author — 64BitMatthew


Been meaning to pick this up. I love Hydro Thunder, and while already have it on the PS2 thanks to Midway Arcade Treasures 3, with the RAM Expander the N64 can do 4 player split-screen, making it the only home release version to do so!

Author — scottthewaterwarrior


It always makes me lol in this game when you are blasting along and suddenly get overtaken by a pleasure cruise boat filled with passengers.

Author — CPS2


A great game worthy of some attention. Love the other ports that exist as well.

Author — lactobacillusprime


awesome game. i spent more than a few dollars on this and Arctic Thunder in the arcade back in the day

Author — 71dembones


I think I may have played this in the arcade once and don't really remember it. But as far as racers go, it would be up my alley since I am fan of arcade style racers as opposed to sim racers.

Though the apparent lack of any water physics after Wave Race 64 is kind of a bummer.

Author — chrisbg99


I play all Versions of this Game, it is in my opinion one of the best Arcade Racer of all Time. Brutal Difficult but one of its kind.

Author — Killiwillie