Lexus LF-NX Suv Concept Experience

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Lexus LF-NX Suv Concept Experience 4.5

The Lexus LF line is a series of concept cars built by Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Toyota Motor Corporation. The "LF" designation refers to Lexus Future.
New vehicle technologies on the LF Series include advanced instrumentation, multiple driver-selected vehicle configurations, hybrid and experimental powertrains, and unconventional driver interface designs. The vehicles also feature new design cues which derive from the L-finesse design language of "Intriguing Elegance", "Incisive Simplicity", and "Seamless Anticipation". Several of the LF concept vehicles have appeared close to their production counterparts, while the design cues of other LF concepts appeared on more distinctly different production vehicles.

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Well done Japanese engineers that is an amazing luxurious and sophisticated car. you are the best engineers of the world, keep it up. I wish you all the best



a 2 doors version of this cool SUV too...!!! But I am not holding my breath of course....!!! :)))

Author — Daiviet Nguyen


beauty! how about LF RX? will Lexus make for RX too?

Author — jeffery luxury


I have the no 300h f sport but would luv this in my garage also

Author — Abi Shah


There’s no storage space, get rid of the touch pad. We’ve been telling you to get rid of the touch pad for years but the engineers don’t listen

Author — T C


يمه راح نموت من وره سياراتكم.. العراقي خليه يرد عليه

Author — Hassn Zada


I can tell Lexus cant get out the black big mouth grille. I saw sketch on paper ....😪😪

Author — Silver Vuong


At that price does it come with a 10-year bumper to bumper warranty

Author — James Conway


PLEASE put a panoramic sunroof ok the NX. Almost all other domestic compact SUVs have them. It would add just that much more to the NX.

Author — Cheli ddl


Лексус! Что это??? Вол лада гранта уже двадцать лет концепт....

Author — Константин Гришин


Carried by one billion subscribers around the world🌏اشترك في حمله المليار مشترك حول العالم 🌏

Author — 1 billion subscribers


I wonder if our recession effected Lexus. Wonder if they needed a bailout like GM and Chrysler.

Author — MrDetroit1701


The exterior design hasn’t changed changed much from the current model. Hope they add Android auto, increase cargo volume and fix the lackluster infotainment system. Lexus NX really has to deliver if it wants to compete with 2019 Acura RDX.

Author — Dr Mohsin Ansari


I love lexus the way how it looks from the outside but i hate all the interior look so old styles.

Author — Mi shine


I like this but the LF 1 limitless is far superior. I want to know when are these going to be on market!!!! I am tired of looking at all these great concept vehicles and nothing on the market to compare!!!

Author — Ashley Stewart