AG2R-La Mondiale Team Bus Tour | Vuelta A España 2015

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Matt goes French in this tour of AG2R-La Mondiale's team bus.

AG2R-La Mondiale are now one of the few French teams left racing regularly at the top level. At the 2015 Vuelta, they were good enough to let Matt rustle through the cupboards, fridges, and help himself to a team cap.

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💬 Comments

This episode was less of a bus tour and more of a "French with Matt Stephens" Love it

Author — ThatWolffe


After binge-watching GCN videos I found out two things: Dan used to ride for Cervelo TT and Matt knows some French. #chapeau

Author — Tudor Marian


Matts French is actually pretty good! 😂😂😂

Author — Freddie Grover


I really like the open plan style of this bus, it looks very spacious.

Author — Jason van't Slot


I think you guys need to do more videos about nutrition. I feel everything has been covered training wise but not so much pre, post and everyday nutrition.

Author — Lee Mills


Thanks Matt for all those extremely informative and educational french translations along the way, well appreciated.

Author — Bananars


+Global Cycling Network could you please make a video about neutral mechanic cars? What tyoe of equipemet they use, wich brand made that neutral bikes, how many time per race they help riders etc ?

Author — marios


You speak really good french :) ( I'm Belgian so I speak French every time and learn English at school)

Author — Marie Haendel


Matt really was the best choice for presenting this, or as the French say, le bon choix.

Author — slimjimihendrix


I think the thing I'm most looking forward to after lockdown ends is more bus tours

Author — Mark Brim


I feel like Matt is a bit invasive in bus tour vids. I can only imagine the amazing treasures he would find in the U.S. Postal bus tour

Author — Chris Pods


When Matt finds the coffee beans he looks like he's found a pot of gold! Shows just how much us cyclists love coffee...

Author — Ben Williams


I'm quite impressed by Stephens' french. C'est magnifique

Author — Federico Spada


Super impressed by Matt's French skills. Too bad that didn't help him with his head to head against Sagan

Author — Chris Murphy


Wow the french do love their fruits!!! Matt said 'fruit' in either English or French 12 times in the space of 3 minutes and 23 seconds!

Author — Jason van't Slot


This definitely looks like the healthiest bus in terms of food - so much fruit!

Author — Euan Munro


I love the way any time matt sees a coke he always says "a cheeky little coke"

Author — Brian Daly


matt has been doing a rossetta stone french course for sure! second he lands in SPAIN he starts talking french

Author — thom wilson


i particulary like the way the staff fitted the soap near the basin with elite bottle cages. nice way of passing some diy tricks. thanks for that!

Author — Flix


Looks like Matt has been taking French lessons and wants everyone to know...😉

Author — Ross Burgess