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Скачать — INSANE BLOOD MECHANICS In Bannerlord!

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Can we get bannerlord out before the nuclear apocalypse?

Автор — Romanos


You almost made me unsub because of the first few words you uttered.

Автор — Grant Takeda


I look forward to playing this in 12 years!

Автор — The Greek Geek: Movie Reviews


The graphics look really good for native Bannerlord. Don't understand the people saying its going to be 'outdated'...
I don't think it works that way for a Mount and Blade game... and should graphics be more important to you as a player, just imagine the mods for this game, they'll up that by a lot!
Great video Resonant!

Автор — TheFrenchMonk


The Graphics look good considering the fact that we’re going to have 300 man+ battles. Remember mods will be able to help us make everything look even better if needed.

Автор — A Common Soldier


Real gamers don't care 4 graphics they care 4 mechanics

Автор — Young Outlaw


Hey guys they are gonna have weapons and grass in bannerlord as you can see in the new development blog we see grass sprites and a sword now lets have a closer inspection on the sword now you all know a sword is used for defeating your enemies. furthermore we can take a look at the new grass animations. Like you all know you can find grass when you walk outside. Also a new addition is sand going up when you step on it thanks for watching untill the next video.

Автор — Asian Kung-Fu Generation


Needs dismemberment, decapitations and disembowelment.

Автор — Dethmeister


"Hey Taleworlds, when you gonna release Bannerlord?"
"Uuhhh h-hey look at uuuhhh look at these uuhh b-blood mechanics? Uuhh oh and your horse kicks up dust too! Pretty cool huh? That's what you want r-right?"

Автор — Dark Frog Of Chaos


Most of the community brushed this devblog off like a spec of dust. Here you go making a video "INSANE BLOOD MECHANICS" lmao. Keep it up tho we all gotta make our money somehow.

Автор — Reindly


The graphics look really good. Comparing warband to bannerlord the change is astounding. You would hardly believe they’re by the same company

Автор — I don't know anything


You destroyed my hopes and dreams

Автор — ϟϟDead Outside


It's almost harv ahhh who am I kidding

Автор — andrew hoop


Really, I expect to see Bannerlord come out late this year, mid-late 2020, or 2021 at most. That's what I think, at least

Автор — UltimateBlade


It's never coming out, it's vapourware.

Автор — whoaitstiger


Honestly the most important thing in games when it comes to graphics is the lightning. I mean look at Severance Blade of Darkness for example. The lightning in that game is amazing and it came out in 2001. I mean, I play it now and I'm still blown away by the dynamic lighting. It's even better than some games that come out these days.

Really good lighting in games can make them timeless.

Автор — OG Damo


''Now you can feel the beauty of blood spattering across your mouth and your nose and covering your eyes completely as a forum blandon screams in agony clutching his throat in front of you is beauty working in symphony to create the most immersive slaughtering experience possible''

Автор — Catch_Me_ If_You_Can


In 2029 when Bannerlord came out it was revolutionary for bringing old school games sold as AAA. It was a success and the 28 owners around the world of PCs that where still compatible with 64Bit tech enjoyed many hours of paid DLCs and LootBoxes

Автор — Carlos Eduardo Pessotto


Let's be real, you want lots of troops you sacrifice graphics. If you play a game just for graphics then that's just uh...I dont know.

You know people never complained about graphics in the early 2000, then it was "wow we hope graphics get better" or the focus was on gameplay.
I hope you fucks realize there is a limit to how good graphics can get.

Автор — Giant Dad


whoever was playing in that gameplay on the horse was just god awful at timing

Автор — Riley McMann