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World Record Car Jump Attempt Goes Wrong | World of Adventure 4.5
See the insane POV crash from professional skier and rally driver Guerlain Chicherit's attempt to beat the world record for longest ramp car jump.

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20 goPro cameras and I still didnt actually see the stunt from the angle that I personally wanted to see! Nobs. 

Author — Blu Brad


I hate how this is edited. Just show me the whole damn jump without cutting away.

Author — Chris House


Never has so many cameras done so little for so few - worst editing job ever.

Author — Kim Hansen


Stop with the slow motion and camera cut. Your not being artistic, its just annoying

Author — RetroAdzz


I am about to do the same thing with a convertible and no helmet... im confident

Author — Bruno Albouze


He needed my ex wife in the back of that thing.
It wouldn't have nosed down like that.

Author — delano62


This is a crappy video. It's all chopped up and they didn't even show a clear view of the actual Landing. What the hell? All it really showed is the flipping aftermath.

Author — calee4nyaboy


Terrible job of editing, you never showed a side angle of the landing . Chuck Norris would have made it while eating a ice cream cone ...

Author — Greg Mirr


Dune buggy, snow, ramp, 124 Km/hr, french...what could go wrong?

Author — Steven Crumb


Lousy editing. Didn't see the jump at all. Waste of time and effort on your part.

Author — barfnarfny


I hate videos like this. They couldn't just show it from the side so we could all see exactly what happened?

Author — TJ weidner


Film pause was you expecting a voice THIS IS WHEN HE KNEW HE FUC*ED UP ?

Author — coop & JJ the dog


Funny that they even had "aerial" coverage and "still" couldn't show the whole jump in one take.

Author — MrWguts


Idiots! Can't jump or film, worst coverage of a jump I've ever seen.
Thumbs down!

Author — Game Changer


Stunt Jump Failed: 43 stunt jumps remaining

Author — Dormammu


Why was there no exterior footage of actual touch-down on the landing ramp???

Author — Bruce Frank


This is poor. We never see an outside view of the moment of touchdown.

Author — Mark Alldridge


Ouch! He got off the throttle to soon causing the nose dive. He had a good pitch angle and was stable in the air but as soon as the RPM drop he starts to nose over. He came really close to a beautiful jump. One more second on throttle and it would have landed beautifully.
I have jumped many, many dunes. lol Nowhere near this far but adjusting your rear wheel speed has a much bigger effect on your pitch than people think. Come up a steep dune, stay on the gas and you land on your rear cage. Off the gas at the right time or touch your rear brake and the car pivots in the air bringing your front down.

Author — shananagans5


Editor of this video went on to work on GOT season 8.

Author — Mount Improbable


Got off the throttle for a split second before the end of the take off ramp.
If he stood on the gas pedal mid flight he may have landed it.

Author — Khan