Lutan Fyah - Mr. Two Face [Official Video 2021]

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

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Lutan Fyah - "Mr. Two Face" Official Video
From the EP "The Message"
CKM Infinity Studio
Video Directed by EyeRee Images

#ReggaevilleVideoPremiere #MaadSickReggaeville #Reggaeville

💬 Comments

Lutan is one of the most consistent reggae artists ever to live

Author — Mattias Jaakkonen


Lutan Fyah bringing the positive vibes for one and all. Respect!

Author — Ital


Love the man Lutan Fyah, a shining light in this sometime dim world. Big up yourself Lutan Fyah, you are top of the class!

Author — Ben Riggan


One of the best on planet. Reggae for the people not for the riches. Rastafari live

Author — Orlando Boom


Very positive as always. Lutan Fyah one of the best. Much love and respect. ❤️💛💚

Author — Renee Martin


One thing about Lutan Fyah he seems to never lose track of righteousness more life my brother 🙏🏼💯🔥

Author — Mac Jackson


Lutan never disappoints
Him always on point

Author — Mfalme


Super consistent for years Pon the battlefield
Much respect ✊ king.

Author — Robert Duggan


Lutan always bringing that positive energy within his music much respect ✊🏽 brother

Author — drinksandchat


Love LUTAN FYAHs vibez always, raspect to this living legend, big up yourself for always staying real and conscious, Jah guide and protect you always. More love from Ghana

Author — jah cure


Who ever dislike this tune, show them is Mr Two Face. Blaze the fiyah elder

Author — JahRaslion


Fell like hell fire 🔥🔥🔥 Lutan Fyah music is so sweet 🧁 Big up👊 Brother keep it Burning 🥵

Author — Jahnaine Moses


Lutan fyah always talking real thanks for real good reggae music🎧🎼💯🔥

Author — Ron Jd


The way Kenyans🇰🇪🇰🇪 are waiting for Lutan to jump in our country is waay to big🔥🔥🔥

Author — Carlos Kalonje


This man is amazing, i freaking love his music! keep it goinggg <3 This song is just a different vibe

Author — MrVibin


The fact that this is filmed by my parents house and to see one of my favorite artists walking where I grew up is crazy and blew my mind 🤯

Author — Stefon Smith


Good message and love the melodical flow...Bless up!!!

Author — BTRAXX


Have this on a loop. Most welcome on a monday morning in the UK. Jak know star! Mi sit down a work ina mi house as we are in lockdown and this give me strength bredda. Sad that positive messages and positive music is not up deh. Keep up the work man. Blessed!

Author — Mickael Brunoir


Positive vibes you bring always fyah🔥🔥💥bless

Author — Antoniizm 96


Lutan Fyah never disappointed me! Rastafari Live✊🏾

Author — Tosh Tee