How to Survive a Canadian Winter in an RV

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How to Survive a Canadian Winter in an RV 4.5
After a year on the road in our van, we came back home and decided to spend the winter in an RV.
Let's say it was an interesting experience!

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The best way to survive a Wisconsin winter in an RV is to drive it south to Florida.

Author — Charles Cosimano


Love those little wooden stoves, watching the flickering of flames at night is both therapeutic and more entertaining than 95% of whatever is showing on the television.

An A frame of some description under the tarp may have saved you the frequent need to remove snow deposits... ah but where is the fun in that? LoL

Author — SpectreOZ


*Cuts logs for the woodstove*
Logs don't fit
*Cuts same logs AGAIN*

Author — AintItSo So


its ok for a while, but not most of the time

Author — Juju Rellama


what a great video, glad you made it through the winter, awesome how you choose to live life..may peace, health and happiness follow you both

Author — bill g


Oh, btw. Luv the itty-bitty woodstove 'cept someone has to feed it when you're sleeping, maybe?

Author — TreeZa Reese


I literally love the banjos and the background playing. Go figure I'm from South East Ohio/west Virginia🤣🤣

Author — dirty vert


I bet your two beautiful dogs were the best companions ever! (beside your spouse)😗

Author — Miss Gsm


Admit it, this guys are happier than most of you all

Author — Daffa Mumtaz


I spent the last year in my 40’ rv in Quebec Canada, it dropped below 40 c on many nights lol it was awesome

Author — Steve Gagnon


I love winters, hot tea, coffee, slepping in bed with laptop infront and watching the walking dead season😊😊😊

Author — aurangzeb zeb


2:02 Mac book is worth more than the whole operation.

Author — Albert Garcia


Amazing shower. That RV has to smell to hell and back.

Author — BT Warner


I see you in summer...🌸🌸🌸 love flowers 🌸 spring summer ☀️

Author — Bernie Labord


I want one of those stoves, so cool with the glass door just like a big stove.

Author — Minimalist Moto Life


"And then, someday, something happened..." LOve it!

Author — scott Ross


I could enjoy just chilling with my girl, would definitely need tv though, and lots of movies. More beer than food and all would be great.

Author — Nathan Angerson


Amazing video I respect you both wish I could do this. Freedom amazing.

Author — Phillip Loco


I lived in a trailer for 7 years blankets separating rooms for the heater to work better is life

Author — John Smith


I’ve watched enough trail park boys to know it’s possible

Author — Questionable Choices Inc.