Innovative New Motors And Tech | E-Bike Highlights From Eurobike 2018

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Innovative New Motors And Tech | E-Bike Highlights From Eurobike 2018 5

Game changing new releases from Haibike, they've completely upped the e-bike game, although there are some pretty sweet new pieces of tech from Mubea and Fazua as well as a very neat looking Lapierre.

The new Haibike has some amazing integration, lights, a dropper post and motor, along with what is possibly one of the worlds fastest charging battery! And it's all housed in a full carbon frame... very neat. Is this the future of E-Biking?

The Fazua battery and motor combination is also really slick, and possibly one of the easiest and fastest to mount that we've ever seen.

What do you think of all of these latest releases? Let us know your favourite in the comments below 👇

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Which new bit of tech is your favourite? Let us know in the comments ⚡️

Author — Electric Mountain Bike Network


"It even got lights on the back! Mental!" - Lights on the front AND back? Madness.

Author — Bad Broccoli


Instead of the prices coming down, they‘re getting higher year by year. Wtf?

Author — M. Molli


That Lapierre.... 😍😍
Shut up and take my money!!!

Author — Kenneth Martinsson


Yes!! Integrated motor and gearbox!! This is surely the future. Otherwise, lets have motors that can generate so much torque that gears are unnecessary, but please, no more cassettes and derailleurs.

Author — Tom Williams


love the lighter smaller motor / battery set-up in that focus / lapierre. exciting if thst's the way e-MTBs are going.

Author — Laura Cooper


My favourite bit of tech was the tripomiter. I’ve never heard of that!

Author — Paul Davies


Steve, you get all the great gigs! Logical progression I guess from what we currently own with components getting smaller and lighter but for us mere mortals, it's now generating into that iPhone syndrome where you commit to spending a considerable amount of money on an ebike and in ever decreasing time periods it has been upgraded or superseded. Cost effective upgrades using these latest innovations to existing hardware on current bikes seems just as if not more important 😎

Author — Steve L


I'm designing solar power charging paniers....Unlimited Mileage
I'll be first one crossing the USA without stopping or charging

Author — Uncle Fjester


2:47 ... and fits in Bikes with Bosch- Frames...!?


Author — Rideoak


VERY interesting stuff!!😍😍I can lose myself there😍💘🤑🤑🤑🤑

Author — N Rico


And when you get home you upturn your bike, add the removable fan blades to the rear wheel and it will recharge by wind power. One day.

Author — Chris Conlon


Love the idea of no rear mech and the lightweight system you fitted to the focus.... Can`t wait for the future, where looks, weight and longer lasting batteries are available.

Author — dannyfag1


Thanks, Steve, and next time please warn us to wear sunglasses--all that new ebike tech is too brilliant for the naked eye. And I cheer for Box out of Anaheim, California, very cool of that speed shop to follow in the footsteps of the legendary SoCal shops like Shelby and Gurney in the Sixties, back when those guys were crafting racing cars worthy of the greatest grids in Europe. And turns out, they won a race or two and inspired a lot of kids to pretend their bikes were GT-40s and American Eagles.

Author — Robb Chastain


“MUBEA” captured me..😍🤑🤑🤑🤑 I will ask them how much..:/ most probably... like “TREFECTA” $20, 000...;/😓

Author — N Rico


Love that new Haibike system, awesome intergration and 120 is gonna blow everything out of the water as long as it supports high cadence.

Author — Blackbird


Why do people making videos about products insist on putting the camera on their face most of the time? I would really like to look at the bikes and details and not you talking. Thanks

Author — James Lade


I'm a huge Star Trek fan and cannot get over how much you look like Brent Spinner or Data. Very Cool. Love your videos!

Author — Jason


What about regenerative brake equipment for e-bikes?:)

Author — naoyuki sasanami


Hi, could you recommend a bicycle with 2 front wheels and a rear with battery as the (e kiffy flash) French, which is removable and fit in the trunk of a car, greetings and thank you very much 😊.

Author — Mithu harjani