Bad Snacks - Puppy Love [No Copyright Background Music]

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Bad Snacks - Puppy Love [No Copyright Background Music] 5

Title: Puppy Love

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Music: Puppy Love by Bad Snacks

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love this song its just relaxing, chill and gets me thinking

Author — Killer xD


Currently, I have identified this song in many videos on YouTube :S

Author — Haddocky ST


HAH! I knew this beat from somewhere. Be honest, you where inspiered by "A Hat in Time - Peace and Tranquility"

Author — BellumTheDragon


Que Hermosa canción!! Me Enamoró!! Excelente!! <3

Author — Caletti M.


MK characters licking their lips brought me here.

Author — Primus The Fourteenth


Came from Dan and Riya new hot guy at work

Author — Chris 24


I came from Tensei Shitara Slime anime video and first one to comment. First time being first lol.

Author — Reni Yeno H