Can You Guess What Country I'm From? | Lineup

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Can You Guess What Country I'm From? | Lineup 5

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Author — Cut


Jesus Christ this woman is smart. She knows so much about geography, history, cultures! Crazy.

Author — White667


I like how her accent switched while talking to the West African gentleman

Author — Yarden Akin


Bring her back! The people that agree

Author — Ethan Morris


We all need a bestfriend like her. She is so bestfriend-material. She's funny and really smart. I think im in love lol. Love from Philippines.

Author — Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice


Please, bring this girl back. Her energy is everything

Author — Halle Sibs


She wasn't joking when she said she was good at geography

Author — chubby_chumble


That one guy and her vibing is the bestt thing in the

Author — Isra Saud


She said “Philippines “ to Sapian Woman cause Phil and Sapian were both Colononized/Occupied by Spaniards and Japanese, WOW she is really well informed and amazing

Author — Emmanuel Kent Diaz


The indigenous Berber people of North Africa were ''white''. You don't have to be Black to be African.

Author — v1e1r1g1e1


She is really good. How did she guess he is Tunisian easily when most of people never heard about the country? But seriously being from Kenya or any west African country doesn't make them more african than a north african. We are all African and we should celebrate the diversity of our continent.

Author — fel f


She was asking all the right questions, wow. She's such an intelligent and charismatic person. Like seriously, she's such a breath of fresh air.

Author — Roc Nation


This whole thing, proves how the public school system in the US is NOT prepping us like other countries! 🤣

Author — Mrs. Camillia Jones


Ngl, that "who's more African?" question rubbed me the wrong way.

Author — shannon dewit


This was way more entertaining because she was so good at this.

Author — Niko S


I melted When she asked if the Ivorian guy was Nigerian and she spoke a little Nigerian word "igwe" meaning king. It is sweet that she knows about other people's countries and history

Author — Miss Joy


You should have Fatuma back more often. She's really intelligent and fun.

Edit: wow this comment really brought out the insecure people eh

Author — John Power


Bring her back she’s really educated in asking questions and guessing, dam she wasn’t kidding when she said she knows her geography

Author — SHEZY G


Non-americans: know about different countries and their people
Americans: surprised pikachu face

Author — Rigel


She's so well educated! Many people don't even know what Nepal or Bosnia is lmao

Author — Ellie KX