Kingdom Come Deliverance 12 HUGE Things You Should Know Before You BUY (PS4 XBOX ONE PC)

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Kingdom Come Deliverance 12 HUGE Things You Should Know Before You BUY (PS4 XBOX ONE PC) 4.5
Kingdom Come Deliverance 12 Amazing Reasons To Be Excited

So are you excited for Kingdom Come Deliverance in February? What features are you looking forward to in Kingdom Come Deliverance? Comment your thoughts down below. Thanks for watching!

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on February 13, 2018. It is set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia, an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire, with a focus on historically accurate and realistic content.

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Deep Silver gave them no money at all. And most of the budget came from the private investor. Kickstarter campaign was just to make the investor sure people are interested in this kind of game.

Автор — ZF Clan Follower


Can’t wait to totally suck at this awesome game for hours and hours on end! DILLY DILLY!

Автор — don payton


What excites me about this game is that it’s an actual old school RPG where you have to actually listen to the dialogue to help you progress, added with the realism of the time period it’s a definitely going to be a game I look to buy at some point, not a day one though usually games like this are far better a month or two down the line after a patch or four

Автор — Daniel Mc


But can I take off my pommel and end my enemies rightly?

Автор — Azza ​


I just wish the main character didn't have a face like a dweeb.

Автор — David B


I'm extremely excited for this game! It's been a while since I've let myself get excited as I am for a game, but I think this game deserves it. I hope I'm not wrong. But the historical authenticity with how it handles combat, it's weapons and armor, and historical events is something I'm looking forward to. It's about time a proper medieval game with realistic fighting came about. While I adore fantasy, only one game in that genre so far has had a more realistic approach to some of its designs (the Witcher series), and I'm just tired of seeing all of the none sense crap fantasy tends to bring to the table.

Crap like unreasonably sized swords, ridiculous armor ideas (looking at you studded leather or daedric armor...), or entirely magic based worlds. So I'm glad a medieval (non fantasy) game is coming. There has been a lacking of these types of games.



My most anticipated game... There are about seven games I am looking forward to, but this one is a must have for me.

Автор — William Moyle


Day 1 buy for me. A game in historically accurate setting with both a deep level of accuracy in weapons, armor and location sounds amazing. It's a breathe of fresh air in a genre usually filled with elfs, orcs, dragons and monsters. Yes open worlds have been done to death but if they are done right it can be an epic experience. I really hope this one turns out to be great game and is successful . The developers have busted their ass on the game and deserve it

Автор — LouDogg 420


Please let the reviews say this game is great. I need a new ambitious rpg so damn bad.

Автор — Ambient Whispers


No magic or dragons and you can't make your own character, but can customize a lot of ugly layers? COUNT ME IN

Автор — Steve Hinkley


no character creation, whelp 75% of the modding community who wants females in bikinis are gone already. :D

Автор — Looots 13


First Monster Hunter world then Kingdom Come deliverance

Автор — OnMyL3v3l1


Peoples complaints of this game seem a little silly. Upset because no character creation or that the main character is goofy looking. I think that’s the point. He’s just an average joe. Interesting concept. I’m excited for this. Almost seems like DnD :)

Автор — Joshua Dyke


Can I be a passive monk that snitch’s on everyone?

Автор — Sir Straus


If they downgrade the graphics due to consoles, I'll be mad.

Автор — Andrew JutuYang


cant wait, been following this game for the past 3 1/2 years.

Автор — LegacyProduction2013



sorry wrong game
just move on

Автор — Zara Thustra


I'm interested but not sold. Hope it's good though.

Автор — Hungry Trash Panda


Please don't be the next No Man's Sky.

Автор — Yukisuna Samura


12 things to waste your time listening to someone else talk about. all of which have been stated elsewhere, gotta love the youtube age

Автор — Daniel Evans