StatQuest: A gentle introduction to ChIP-Seq

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

ChIP-seq, like RNA-seq, sounds mysterious and complicated, but it's not. Here's a gentle introduction to the subject that covers the basics behind the experiment, how the data is processed and the sorts of things you can do with it.

It's based on the original RNA-seq StatQuest, so make sure you watch that first (or at least are all ready totally down with that material):

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💬 Comments

Really living for the enthusiasm, Josh. Love the intro/outro.

Author — Mari Amirbekyan


Wow. Josh, thank you for an incredibly helpful video.
As a first year Ph.D student this eased/clarified concepts/procedures that I missed in the ChIP class.


Author — David Tovar


It is amazingly well-produced and explained in detailed. I can see a logical order which makes perfect sense. I would like to see other methods, like ATAC-seq, DAP-seq, STAR-seq, etc. Please keep doing more!

Author — Ysn PBG


DUde, I watched ur videos to understand ML concepts for school, now I'm learning genomics from u. that's awesome thank u

Author — Çerağ Oğuztüzün


Hi Josh, can you do a statquest on ATAC-seq? Thank you very much!

Author — Muhammet M


Best explanation. After reading so many literature also, I am unable to understand fully. You explained in just 8 minute. Great job.

Author — ankit agrawal


Very beautiful and simple explanation. Thank you so much for that! It is going to help me a lot for my human genomics exam :)

Author — Brkhr a.k.a. Legatus31


Found this channel and instantly subscribed. The whole style of your explanations is great! Keep up the great work :)

Author — misterchees


Thank you so much for making this so straightforward and easy to understand!!! It's so easy to find way too much info online that has loads of crap added in, but this allowed me to understand it nicely! Keep it up :D

Author — Alex Leung


Best explanation ever...Loved it! Thank you so much for this.

Author — Bhagyashree Hote


great video! I just have 1 question about the control track. why does it show very little reads, instead of lots of reads everywhere? for the actual experimental track, there’s a high concentration in that area because we’ve isolated DNA fragments that a particular protein binds to, and those DNA fragments occur near one another in the genome, right (is that what the x-axis, if we can call it that, of the track is? the location on the genome)? while in the control track, we didn’t isolate any DNA fragments. so why wouldn’t there be a large amount of reads everywhere on the control track, instead of a very little amount like there is in the video? thanks!

Author — lolyikes


I feel like you explained this to us like we are five year olds which was really helpful. Thank you so much!

Author — mr.beancouldbreakmyspleen


Great video, as always :)! Helps me a lot how to phrase what am I doing.. but regarding the control, what would you like to recommend, GFP or total input in case of plants?

Author — Emese Dr. Szabó


It's amazing how well you explain this, and not only this (I've seen other vids of yours). I'm a telecom engineer in process of turning into a would-be data scientist and I've understood it! BAM!! ;)

Author — Gerardo de Miguel


Great video! I linked your video in my Medium article on predicting transcription factor-DNA binding using deep learning, and also my video (coming soon!) on the same topic in the description box. Thanks for the awesome explanation!

Author — Gracelyn Shi


that was the best explanation I´ve ever heard. You should teach some stuff to my professors!

Author — Luz Daniela Mota Ramírez


thanks for making this simple and gentle, very effective!

Author — Fiona


It would be lovely if you could explain the Model-based Analysis of ChIP-seq (MACS) algorithm for calling the peak. I'm sure it would be very clear explained by you.
Please keep developing this channel, I've watched all of your videos and they are all great <3.

Author — Francesco Tucci


Hi Josh, I find your videos very helpful! thank you so much! I realized the the index doesn't contain this video. Would you mind updating the index some time?

Author — Jiaoyang Dong


Would you potentially consider copy-number variant discovery using NGS data? I work at a university and most of our research staff no about copy-numbers and the data you get back, but have no clue how this data is derived. The resources available are pretty high level!

Author — Benjamin Simpson