What is an eruv and why are Jackson NJ residents angry about it? We explain.

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I’ve never have had strong feelings for a group until this crew started. Moving into my neighborhood

Author — Angel F


The guy in the black shirt was actually protesting the Eruv in Westhampton, ny. That Eruv was put up by Rabbi Marc Schneier from the West Hampton synagogue and they had to fight it through court for a long time.
If I remember correctly, that video was produced by one of the late-night comedy shows

Author — Great Stuff


The presentation is very condescending and doesn't help to alleviate my anti-Semitism. If you want to ingratiate people onto your side, address them like your equal and not an inferior. This video makes me feel like a 6-year-old watching obvious propaganda produced by HBO in the 80s. Try dialing it back and just being educational like Kurzgesagt or PBS Space Time, just inform without mocking or ridiculing others. I hope this suggestion helps! If you wish to ignore it, then that's fine. Just know that you fully accept the consequences of your own actions by doing so. :)

Author — Peanut Butter Pizza


Ever ask why this only happens in certain areas with certain types of Jews? I live in a major Jewish community and no one has a problem when the Eruv expands to new neighborhoods. I wonder why that is? Don't tell me Antisemitism only exists in those areas.

Author — Billy Wee


Haha My Fios line is not contested by anyone!

Author — New Jersey Corruption Watch