GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: Silent and Sneaky, Undetected, $2,631,912 Payout Full Heist

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: Silent and Sneaky, Undetected, $2,631,912 Payout Full Heist 5

After many failed attempts, we finally managed to pull off the big one... Robbing a Casino Vault full of gold without alerting anyone at all. Escaping on foot through the sewer system.

Huge thanks to my friends YOUR MOUSE 15 and XxMyDoritosxX for helping to achieve this feat.

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💬 Comments on the video

“God dammit I hate these randomly shattering windows”

- casino guards

Author — Slylie Zeroseven


it must be annoying to the casino that 90% of the population in LS is robbing them

Author — Tsling


Who would win? Casino guards with military grade weapons or 3 sneaky boys?

Author — MrTaeDaniel


“Patience, don’t do anything stupid.”

Author — Dominik DeGuzman


Finally a heist that's takes some thinking. Good job guys

Author — RekteLex


This is THE most badass thing in all of gta

Author — super tom112


This kind of coordination and planning is beyond impossible with randoms

Author — Dark Doctrines


25:54 easy lad there’s to many of them. Stay low and hold your fire

Author — Lone Wolf


Is it just me or when Lester talks during the heist it gives me major anxiety

Author — M.L. Games


I wish everyone would communicate like this on heists

Author — Bank Robba


2 things.
At 3:54 you could open a secand room with extra cash
And at 10:51 you didn't need to use the emp because the security can't look through windows. Just like at 3:00 minutes
I hope it helps someone

Author — Berkay-Enes Erdogan


This heist is so hard wth stranger...they always go gunblazing

Author — fred akml


They ran that whole way, lol

In the tunnel

Author — i blxvy


I like how, Lester wouldn't shut the f out. Lol.

Author — MrirfanangYT


12:48 when one particular speedrunner gets a good split

Author — Mi Nero


This is the silent anf sneaky meta, and gtamen made a meta for the big con already

Author — UltRraRageous


"Bravo six going dark" (in the light)

Author — Ignacio Cabrera


-shoots somebody

Author — Noa Zeus


Can anyone tell me why when I do the heist the guards have helmets on that can’t be one shot head shot??

Author — lockey culley


"Macmilan would be impressed" - Captain Price, 2007.

Author — GameViciousNerDZ