Dumbest His vs. Hers Products (TEST)

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Dumbest His vs. Hers Products (TEST) 5

Can we find the differences between products for men vs. women? GMM #1542

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Rhett: "I'm manner than you"
Link: "no you're not... we're both at zero"

Author — sophie m


The irony that Rhett said he’s keeping the butt wipes for the apocalypse. Hope they are serving him well right now.

Author — Rebel Rose


Video idea: try things for humans and animals and have to decide which is which (shampoo, blanket, snacks/treats, accessories, etc)

Author — It's Lexsisss


Rhett: Can a man use a woman's product?
*Tampon is thrown on the table*
Link: Let's ta... uh...

Author — esotericpig


Now we all know that just for men is not just for men

It’s for Just Men and Jenna™️

Author — Julia


Mens products: *You need to smell like wood!*
Womens products: YoU nEeD tO sMeLl LiKe FlOwErS

Author — Lanna Rose


Razor for men: $5
Razor for women: $8, but it's p i n k and that makes everything better.

Author — Jeiku Furame


Rhett: "I'm keeping this for the apocalypse"
Me: You are about 11 months early

(This comment was posted in the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic)

Author — Sienna Silverbell


I’m a woman and I use:
Men’s Razors
Men’s Deodorant
Men’s cologne
Men’s shaving cream
The razors and deodorant are better than women’s and the cologne and shaving cream are my boyfriends 😂

Author — Jess Renee


Women, don't make the same mistake I did. I once touched a razor JUST FOR MEN and immediately grew a beard and started a DIY project

Author — Thysillia


Let's get a video of right-handed guys reviewing left-handed products?

Author — EpicUndead


The way Rhett talks to Barbara makes me CRY he’s so loving towards her while Link is like “I could pick up Jade and throw her like a football and she wouldn’t care”

Author — Possum Boy


Link looks like he's wearing a shirt for 8th grade school photos

Author — Shift One Photo


Rhett foresaw the future when he said "I'm saving these for the apocalypse" in reference to the dude wipes, he knew toilet paper stock would hit an all time low. He is the one true mythical beast.

Author — Coby Mendoza


It’s “Just for Men and JENNA” thank you very much lol

Author — Hannah Bruner


Link: *shoots soap from one can onto another*

Rhett: That was... poetic
Idk why but I laughed too hard at this

Author — mp biggame


“Did we just create a gif?”

Yes! You did! 😂

Author — Haunter


Keeping them for the apocalypse,
Me in 2020, huh, that’s now.

Author — Kartik Raghavan


Jenna Marbles already established that Just For Men is Just For Men and Jenna.

Author — Stephanie


Ladies, if you go up to a man's place and see the Hero dish soap : run.

Author — Lalogue