OBS Studio - Advanced Mic Settings (Noise Removal, Compressor, Noise Gate)

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OBS Studio - Advanced Mic Settings (Noise Removal, Compressor, Noise Gate) 5

How to setup your Microphone professionally in OBS Studio for your Twitch or YouTube Gaming Livestreams. In this video we go into detail looking at the OBS Microphone Filters: Noise Suppression, Compressor, Noise Gate and Gain Filter. 👇🏻Timestamps & Links👇🏻

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0. Introduction 0:00
1. Basic Audio Setup 2:40
2. Noise Suppression 4:36
3. Noise Gate 6:47
4. Compressor 10:17
5. Gain Filter 13:22
6. Outro 13:58

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Ever wanted to remove the background noise from your microphone whilst you are streaming? In this video, we'll be looking at how the OBS Audio Filters work so you can get a professional sounding setup without the need for expensive mixers and hardware!

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💬 Comments on the video

Hey Pete!

Thanks for the great the video.

I just want to add that in case distortion, at high audio levels happens for any of you guys - try moving the "compressor" filter to the top, so it takes priority first.

To do this, right-click the cog icon, go into filters, then select the compressor filter and press the "^" (up arrow). This solved my issues with my sound getting distorted when "yelling" into the microphone.

My setup looks like this:
- Compressor
- Noise suppression
- Noise Gate
- Gain


Author — LiftingNerdBro


the best tutorials for obs sound setting

Author — Medicine Expert


Thanks a lot!! U deserve 1 million subs.... Really useful

Author — Mandhan Academy


question: how come on my streamlabs when I am looking at the sources, it shows audio coming from my Blue Yeti mic? It makes it sound like it's looping when I stream. It comes from the actual audio and the mic and it has an echo effect. Please help.

Author — Elliot Scott


THANK YOU for this super helpful guide! I have a quick question.. Does adding more filter affect the performance in recording?

Author — MegaToon TV


hey could i get a hand i tried everything but when i record my mic makes me sound like im in water and its hard to get smooth mic audio

Author — Kaisiku


Am I the only one who thinks the audio quality is massively degraded once enabling noise suppression? It almost sounds like you're talking in a Pringle can or a fishbowl. Yes it cuts out fan noise and other close sounds but I sound completely different when I enable it.

Author — iHeather B


If you have ever seen "The Tooth Fairy" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, this guy looks exactly like the fairy named Tracy.

Author — Reedified


"when you are *trying* to be sneaky"

Author — Mccninja


This is excellent, thank you! I have some pretty noisy fans which play havoc with my recordings. I can't wait to try this when I get home!

Author — Scottish Undertones ASMR


Exactly what I was looking for, I've just started using OBS and when I found and opened the Compressor I had no idea what the settings really meant. Thanks!

Author — Entity Rush


4:58 I can't hear the sound of your fans over the sound of my computer fans !! xD

Author — go6ko1


very good tutorial, you explain very well all the details, thank you very much for making that easyer for us, the noobs!

Author — DriverStein


This has helped me greatly, especially how spoke about each filter. Thank you.

Author — Game Trends


Good work, worked for me. I've got many problems with hearing the Keyboard & Mouse when im talking but not anymore! <thanks!

Author — Macke


Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this! I was running into issues with my snowball and this literally took out all the background!

Author — Phalon Reacts


Hey dude thanks for the help without you i'd still be struggling with a rather annoying fan noise in my mic.

Author — ItzSyther


I like how on spotify he has "Never gonna give you up" playing, dude i'm dead XD

Author — YesMaTrixx Games


Thank you belive this was very helpful i was sitng for hours trying to figer out why i was so low volume compared to the game and your video helped me a lot!

Author — Zombiekiller2113


thanks for this really help improve my stream droped a like and a sub :)

Author — LoxFii