TOP 9 Absolutely Crazy Engine Swaps | Ep. 4

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TOP 9 Absolutely Crazy Engine Swaps | Ep. 4 4.5



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“Nissan Patrol RB25DET Hooning - PURE SOUND version” by racingfanbg

“Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 Sound” by OEMMEDI Meccanica

“Volkswagen Polo with Suzuki GSX R 1000 Engine” by Moto ClubGeorgia

“500 V8 FERRARI” by Orido’s Channel

“Fiat 500 V8 3.0L Ferrari” by OEMMEDI Meccanica

“bmw e30 340i V8” by Paweł kazimierczyk

“vaz 2101 with kawasaki zzr 1100cc engine” by Jānis Ruginis

“Fiat 124 Spider V8 5.0” by Brad Mathews

“12 Zylinder Aston Martin MOTORBIKE...!!!! SELF-MADE...!!!” by Asphaltteufel

“Lupo W12 cold start in garage.MOV” by sven202

“Lupo W12 acceleration” by Tom

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I run the car maintenance Youtube channel in Korea. I'm always learning such a great ideas on your channel. I hope we have a chance to be together. Thank you.

Author — 자동차의 모든 것[ Car & Man ]


6:48 nobody could get me to ride a bike like that, I really wanna live until I'm old😂😂🤣

Author — Positive Youth.


I want to put a 16-litre Scania V8 diesel in a car...

Author — SuperNicejohn


Big engines in small cars, Carroll Shelby would be proud.

Author — DuoDuo


that nissan patrol always makes me smile:D

Author — Rene Tarasovic


that Patrol with the skyline engine in it...

Nissan's answer to the LM002/Urus?

Author — Cobalt Lukather


That fiat 500 is what happens when a beetle sleeps with a fiat then gets a brain transplant from a Lamborghini

Author — KMYRgaming


I bet that Fiat 500 is a death trap. Can I have a go?

Author — Tony P


that lupo has enough nitrous to blow himself up

Author — Sean Smile


Imagine getting pulled over in the last one “what’s in the back sir” “oh just another v6”

Author — tastybaconsensation


I have never seen a car with two engines :O . Just incredible!!!

Author — Dimitar Gologanov


That skyline engine is SO AWESOME! The sound is like porn for my ears!

Author — TestDrive


I can remember about 30 + years ago when I worked in a factory, some guy put a 4.2 Jaguar engine into a MK1 Escort and it still had drum breaks !! Bloody crazy !



Putting the heart of an Aston into an otherwise unimpressive motorcycle is a pretty sad thing. That engine deserves a more beautiful home.

Author — Ragnar Frandsen


that Fiat omg what have they done :D this is hilarious

Author — Ultravore


"wat een mafkees jonge" dutch reaction from the cameraguy at the vw polo with the suzuki engine xd

Author — Aim Brain


thought i was on lsd watching that orange fiat spyder shapeshifting!

Author — foxon172


3:25: That moment when you realize you should have gone with Yamaha (Genesis 130FI, Apex, etc).

Author — Slappy Fistwad


well the first one isnt that crazy :) the engine and gearbox mount is the same : )

Author — Håvard Hardy Jørgensen


lol that VW polo is from where i life i know the car and it's seriously fast XD
Holland, Overijsel, Hengelo

Author — NIMA 929