Ray McGovern - Russia-gate: Can You Handle the Truth?

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Ray McGovern - Russia-gate: Can You Handle the Truth? 4.5

Talk by Ray McGovern, 27-Year Veteran of the CIA and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, on "Russia-gate: Can You Handle the Truth?" recorded August 4, 2018 at the Common Good Cafe, University Temple United Methodist Church, Seattle.

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He’s one of the rare few that earned my respect for being forthcoming about why the country is in such a mess.He reminds me of George Carlin.

Author — scott nyc


In memory of Aaron Swartz, FREE JULIAN ASSANGE

Author — Jim Burks


feels good to know i wasnt the only one paying attention.

Author — nyutrig


Why haven't more people seen this!? I'm always interested in this stuff. It never popped up!!!! I had to see him acting up in a bombard video. Then a informed person posted who he was. I couldn't stop watching this!!

Author — Adriana Rizo


Felt like my ear was to the keyhole of the itell....I have figured out the timetable of when Russiagate was born...to divert from the the Damn Dem what a great trail of info.

Author — Patricia Tursi


"You don't need made up stuff" - exactly what I said before the election and since.

Author — David Barber


Thank you, Ray McGovern, for laying out in chronological order the complex events from which Russiagate evolved, and impressing upon citizens how important it is to do your own research to be able to separate the truth from the barrage of establishment propaganda. I never believed in Russiagate, and I still don't. What a great distraction from the evil machinations of the DNC and the intelligence agencies that support it.

Author — Kim Carlson


I'm amazed by how some things that were my position or opinion on regarding this which it's always really bothered me other people haven't picked up on or mentioned often enough like Jimmy Dore or Kyle Kulinski, are his positions and opinions as well! One of THE most important ones which I try to remind people all the time because it's something almost everyone has forgotten, and the only reason why I didn't forget was because it was bothering me the moment I heard it and something I kept in the back of my mind throughout the entire start of Russiagate is simply the fact that Clinton was extremely vocally anti-russia and using it as a political technique WELL before Russiagate actually began, it was the biggest reason for alarm bells going off in my head and seeming to be blatantly obvious that they were just doubling down on a strategy that would shield them while working to take down trump.

The entire idea was just that Clinton was acutely aware of the political climate of the 90's when her husband was running or being impeached and understood the demographics well. She knew her husband was impeached because older christian republicans around the midwest, south, etc were staunchly against that kind of behavior for a president. The basis for this technique was blatantly obvious, they were trying to cause the older crowd who impeached her husband to be conflicted and feel hypocritical thus incapable of voting for Trump in good conscious. The other part of this was to target these same mostly older, christian and conservative voters by bringing back the fears of the cold war, and a feeling of needing to protect our country from an outside threat (which wouldn't be hard for her to sell at ALL once she was in the white house because her plan was not to resist the military in the slightest making it look like she's making good on that promise which would have happened no matter what lol). This was done pretty early in order to make Trump seem like he wouldn't be able to defend the country and it just so happened to be the PERFECT set up but putting those fears in people's minds at an early time so when it comes up again it's nothing new and it will have more impact.

Author — TheGoodChap


Hello Ray There are just not enough Americans like u
There's almost too much factual info with great corroboration here
You skipped around a little . Tho we can understand well enough, but not sticking to a well organized speaking timeline. makes it hard to memorize all your insights
so that, we can advocate all the arguments you make

Author — Geo Richard


Mr. McGovern, I have the utmost respect for you and what you are stating here also, but how is it that when I listen to Malcolm Nance, whom I also respect explains the Russian meddling and what the Russian Intelligence community involvement in the 2016 election.. Who is correct? I've never liked the Clintons, and lost all respect for Trump as a human being in October 1995. It's sad that we had those 2 to choose from. Between your speech hear and Malcolm Nance's book, "PLOT TO DESTROY AMERICA", and his analysis.

Author — Darren Clarke


" Our New President" by field of visions (a short doc) is the best evidence I've ever seen of Russian collusion and it's super funny . It's free on YouTube and worth watching .

Author — Steve Matthews


Trump is denying climate change. In a sane world that would be enough to impeach him.

Author — The Chad European Federalist