Devil May Cry 5 - How we combo

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How players at different skill levels combo.

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0:00 Intro
0:07 Noob
0:27 Pro
0:50 Hacker

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I have over 100 hours in this game, and according to your metrics, I am worse than a noob ^^

Author — Harrincourt


Whilst the "noob" combo isn't particularly flashy or technically challenging, it is very practical and I would say is beyond the ability of most dmc noobs. If you play fighting games regularly then coming up with a combo seems second nature, but to people who don't, they wouldn't even imagine something like this was possible without the internet to show them.

Author — Michael Hill


To be fair anything above noobs just seems like SSS with extra steps.

Author — AlshepType


Let’s be honest here. As long as you don’t spam the same attack multiple times in a row, you’re okay.

Author — Dacio X


You see, the noob portion is literally 3 times my skill. This is why we don't let a pro portray a noob 😂 SSSmoke is too good to even be a noob

Author — DatCrazyOokamii


Does anyone want to talk about how the Noob combo did the most damage by far and the Hacker combo barely did any?

Author — Bad Badger


I proudly reach noob level after playing this series since its first game. What people (like me) should extract from this isn't to lower yourself, but to appretiate to how many levels can these games be enjoyable at, and how it exceeds at giving each skill level a toolset to feel stylish enough. In, say, most other genres like fighting games or platformers, to have a footage that looks as good as the noob level is only a fever dream.

Author — Gross-Standards


This was the first game in the series that really made me start planning and executing combos and thinking like that which is different yeah but yeah I’m starting to enjoy it..

the first it was about knowing the techniques for each boss in order to cheese them the third game less so but I really liked the sword on sword fights in that one it made me feel super bad ass dodging atks getting some big swings in man I loved that feeling

Author — MadMaxim


Damn that noob combo is 100x better than anything ive ever done with dante

Author — Reign


Ironically the noob is objectively the most useful combo here. The others are for complete flare and do no damage or get any style points (though they look real cool and require a lot of skill). But there's honestly no reason to use them. Good job nonetheless.

Author — Mythic V


To be fair the noob one is quite practical with only a few directional inputs and no quad S
By directional I mean dance macabre, high time and real impact

Author — ImDaRealBoi


When I first started playing dmc3 I didn't even know comboing was a thing. So I feel the noob portion is inaccurate. At least for me. All I cared about doing was doing triangle triangle triangle or triangle delay triangle triangle into stinger. I didn't even use other weapons or even the gun. Oh and didn't use any other style cept for swordmaster cause I prefered launching the enemies into the air and then using basic ass combos. Oh man don't even get me started on accidently using helm splitter a couple of times cause I was expecting air combos.

Author — Aster


[proceeds to watch the noob part expecting to see some triangle triangle triangle combo]
[actually sees a combo slightly less stylish then what I've been considering my finest combo]

me: why you had to do me like this

Author — wacky whoo-hoo pizza man


The noob is definitely too strong.
That's basically what I look like with a few elements of the pro mixed in. I remember when this game dropped the number of streams mashing combo 1, or the legendary stinger spam.
I'm quite a bit farther along than that.

Author — WoWisdeadtome


I considered myself being close to a pro but according to this video I do combos exactly like a noob. Looking at your video the noob seems to be half way to be a pro

Author — Nishanth Naik


Watching that controller overlay for hacker, you're like the first person who actually DOES move his hands the way those 80s advertisements always depicted us as.

Author — Michael Westmoreland


me: uses quadruple S for a quick burst of damage
DMC pros: teleports with quadruple S just to flex

Author — Mauricio A L.


How the hell that noob combo's already much better than how I playing the whole game😑

Author — MukbangDongg !


The noob one is a decent combo tho, it's just very basic but really decent

Author — Kobar Ariatna


My friends used to ask me how I get S rank so easy, let alone SSS. But I still feel like a scrub after watching this 😂

Author — A Talking Koala