Not for the faint-hearted? Soldier falls at Poroshenko ceremony - no comment

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Not for the faint-hearted? Soldier falls at Poroshenko ceremony - no comment 4.5

A Ukrainian soldier stumbled and fell as newly-elected president Petro Poroshenko arrived for his inauguration ceremony in Kiev....

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If this was north korea he would be ashes by now

Author — AB-ZooL


Plot twist: He was about to step out and assassinate him but someone in his ear piece told him to abort so he had to play it off.
Well played.

Author — yakofloob


Its sad that those dicipline man salutes some
Corrupt officials.

Author — Josh Rodas


Soldier fails?? He did an outstanding job! If you've ever fainted, you'll know what this feels like. The soldier was nearly unconscious and unable to see when the guy walked by him. He refused to go down, and instead kept searching for the rifle with his hand so he could get back up. That takes a lot of strength!

Author — TheRailwaystationist


How roud can be a diplomat, he was standing for him but he even didn't look back to see his soldier are ok !!

Author — Time out


Putin and Obama Both would have turned back help him stand up and get someone to help them.

Author — Jiro Weiler


When satan is passing, some people are fainting..

Author — Vlad Tepes the Impaler


He just walked passed him wtf. Putin would never..

Author — Lily Lily


He didn't fall he fainted there's a difference, it happens even to the best

Author — Crazy Ade


He made sure he fell after the guy walked past him, even if he's nearly unconcious. 100% effort

Author — Kasya Rahman


Вот фашист Порошенко, прошёл мимо упавшего солдата и не помог.

Author — Эркиналы Джороев


trust me if this happened in denmark, the crown prince would’ve catched him

Author — Konrad Kjaer


0:15, he shakes his head, if it was showing his dissapointment, he has bad personality as a leader.

Author — Anti Idiot


Next video: *Meet a soldier with two eyes, two hands and two ears.*

Author — Divyesh Mirajkar


He felt asleep due to this anoying ceremony.

Author — atomic joc


I will just pick him up have someone to send him to the hospital if I am the president.

Author — 善澤 鄭


Поросёнок даже не повернулся, водку жрать пошёл.

Author — Пятро Поросенко


Надо было помочь мальчику, а не проходить мимо как ни в чем не было. Сразу видно, что мальчику плохо стало.

Author — Eva Adamova


*Mission Failed, We'll get em' next time*

Author — Michael Cho


Vladimir Putin would've picked him up if that happened. Agree?

Author — Asian Mohamed