UK government plans emergency coronavirus legislation – watch live

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UK government plans emergency coronavirus legislation – watch live 4
The UK government puts in emergency legislation in order to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

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I didn’t even realize this was 5 hrs long video

Author — Commander Xananymous


Just say no Corona virus legally can't come into your body and if that doesn't work sing happy birthday twice while Washing your hands

Author — Jacob Mcnulty


Shouldn't this all be done via video call or something. All these people congregating telling the public to practice social distancing.

Author — theandroids


That looks like a large gathering to me 😒

Author — Elishama Pascall


Get rid of zero contract hours!!
And at the moment get rid of charges in people’s overdraft.

Author — Richie Rich


Where are all the MPs at home claiming their £97 per week sick pay no doubt !!

Author — brian hurkett


Please just call a full Lockdown, my place of work refusing to shut and I'm stuck in a warehouse of 30 people, with no prospect of working from home and 100% no chance of social distancing!

Author — no one


3:01:30 is the summary everyone is looking for - they will pasa laws that limit personal freedoms “for your safety”.

Plus ca change.



Watch David icke The truth behind Coronavirus pandemic:covid -19 lockdown

Author — Maria Maria


Since the age of about 13 I always felt like the system was set up for us to fail and wasn’t ‘fair’. 30+ years later I agree with my 13 year old self! Well done!

Author — Unknown User


The entire house seems to be populated by nerdy oddballs, they look like the kind of people who no one talked to at school.

Author — Rufus Wickham


The cure is worse than the disease. This is a power grab and it's not needed.

Author — Neo Count


Am I imagining it or she she too near her colleague. Please practise what you preach maam

Author — Anne Phair


We're all doomed with government mp's that can't sit in the house of commons without wiping their faces and sucking their fingers, while telling the public not to do just that.

Author — Steven J


2:19:44 Not the best example to set for others...MP's sharing Tic tacs in background!

Author — Trevor Hooper


The same people causing queues and socialising in March 2020 in London will be COMPLAINING about queues and jostling in July 2021 in Benidorm.

Author — Austerus Tertius Tutelus


What's happening with prison officers? Wheres their support?

(I didn't watch the whole video)

Author — Top Tips


I clicked on it and listened for like 2 mins .. would anyone paraphrase ?

Author — J B


drink every time she says "absolutely right"

Author — Joshua Lynam


So much for MPs keeping 2M distance ... They should lead by example ...

Author — PQ