Nellie is on an emotional rollercoaster after taking Kanna | Drugslab

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Nellie is on an emotional rollercoaster after taking Kanna | Drugslab 5

In this episode Nellie Benner snorts Kanna (mesembrine). She experiences a lot of ups and downs, but has a lot of fun while doing crafts.

- You can snort Kanna powder.
- You can smoke Kanna powder.
- You can take Kanna orally by chewing on the plant for a while. It’s also possible to make tea of the plant or to put the powder in a capsule that you can swallow.

Standard Kanna extract (note, there are different extracts that have different strengths):
- Mild: 25-50 milligram
- Medium: 50-100 milligram
- Strong: 100-250 milligram

- Mild: 50-100 milligram
- Medium: 100-250 milligram
- Strong: 250-400 milligram

- Mild: 200-400 milligram
- Medium: 400-600 milligram
- Strong: 600-1000 milligram

- Do not combine with MAO inhibitors. This can be fatal;
- Mild headache;
- Slight dizziness;
- Increased feelings of anxiety or irritation;
- Insomnia;
- A calming feeling.

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Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs, funded by the Dutch government. On this YouTube channel we, Rens Polman, Nellie Benner and Bastiaan Rosman, will take in the drugs you want us to try. We do this in the name of science so we can show you what the effect of drugs are on the human body. You can suggest any type of drug by commenting in the comment section below the videos or by using the hashtag #drugslab. Besides our weekly experiment, we provide you of safe methods of use, safe doses, the effects, the risks and very useful do's and don'ts when high on drugs. Given by experienced epicureans. Light it up people, in the name of science! Peace.

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when bastian went and hugged nellie was the cutest thing.

Author — MayCee Nicole


Rens and Nellie take ecstasy together!! With bastian there too. It will be good to experiment it with someone who is feeling the same

Author — Louise 112233


Awww that hug! ❤ Bastiaan is so sweet!

Author — 🌠 Cosmic Jirachi 🌠


8:16oh my god, Bastiaan is way too cute! Where can I get one like him? :D

Author — Evalinska


All of you should do shrroms together.

Author — BlurBerry Creative


You really have to do -2 of you do some drug together and 3rd is tripsitter and you then compare how you both feel

Author — Linda Murr


Nellies smile is the strongest drug in all drugslab episodes <3 im in love

Author — Piotr Dee


Waar kan ik solliciteren voor deze job

Author — Cederic Druyts


6:20 Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
I love your musical taste Drugslab!

Author — Eniff


Gosh Nellie is soo naturally stunning in every way! And i just love the love and respect and bond all these guys have...theyd all make the perfect partner to trip with!

Author — Becky


They always sit right in front of the molecule

Author — chris jones


Bastiaan should try shrooms // lemon tek!

Author — diego Fernandes


PLEASE! Try 5-MeO-MiPT, it's really different from normal psychedelics and very tactile and sexual. Great chemical with a calm smooth luxurious high. 7 mg would be a perfect first dose, I promise you will love it!

Author — AMINAL


!~ TRY 2C-i ~!

god this one was so fun and hilarious.
bossy nellie is the best!

also, heads up swooners. she got a ring on her finger. #taken

Author — Bubbles McKenzie


2 Suggestions:
1) All 3 of you do LSD together, either indoors out outdoors.
2) All 3 of you do MDMA / XTX together.

The 2 drugs are more social drugs, so it's better doing them with someone else. It would be interesting to see :)

Author — ☆ ★ ☆ B E H A V I O U R 1 3 3 7 ☆ ★ ☆


I'm in love, even with cranky Nellie.

Author — Caddy King


those everyone have amazing features and crystal clear blue eyes over there?

Author — GoodVibes


Some Todd Terje in the background, LOVE IT!

Author — Andrew Leavitt


This drug makes me feel anxious and uneasy but I also feel more affectionate and cuddly. But kind of short fuse . up and down in emotion. But boosts my sillyness. But maybe the anxiety was from accidently taking 5htp with it too since 5htp its a serotonin drug not a good idea to mix.

Author — Truth through Revelation


I have some Skooma and Moon Sugar if you'd like to review those.

Author — M'aiq The Liar