Helmet - 'Seeing Eye Dog' (2010) [FULL ALBUM]

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I don't own any right of this songs. All the rights belong to the owners (Helmet: Page Hamilton, Chris Traynor, Dan Beeman, Kyle Stevenson) and i'm not profiting by publishing.

I hope you to enjoy this album just as I have done. Feel free to rate and comment.

01 - "So Long" 0:00
02 - "Seeing Eye Dog" 3:12
03 - "Welcome To Algiers" 7:16
04 - "LA Water" 11:38
05 - "In Person" 15:47
06 - "Morphing" 18:53
07 - "White City" 22:11
08 - "And Your Bird Can Sing" 25:37
09 - "Miserable" 27:51
10 - "She's Lost" 31:16

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Extremely underrated album from an underrated band

Author — Aidan O'Loughlin


this album should have over a mill views. GET WITH IT PEOPLE

Author — Stonelet


It's so good to see Helmet come back with a strong offering like this! Size Matters was good for the first four tracks (and the last one was killer), but the rest of it fell flat in my book. This is more like the stuff from Aftertaste, but more modern. Love it!

Author — Tim Bitten


Truly unique band; they have a style that sets them apart; elated to hear this; I missed out on this one; I'll be getting this CD real soon!

Author — Mark Bradley


This is a good album and I need to add it to my collection!

Author — N. Jones


The best Helmet album after their reformation imo. Blasted this constantly when it came out!

Author — Liam Hathaway


Wish this was on spotify. It’s exactly what helmet stands for.

Author — Industrial steel frame


Thanks for uploading this. I'm now going to go and buy it! Good work :)

Author — Max Ellis


recovered a bit of the old playfulness, as well as the great riffs of course. Page vocal works too

Author — James Parker


I saw Helmet in Münster(Germany) at the end of July...been there with my Brother...it was a fuckin' great concert...just felt like back in the 90's...ripped of the shirts and just did headbangin dance moves😎😉

Author — El Margico


This album is part of what made 2010 a banner year musically

Author — BuildYourOwnBass


Sad thing is music lovers are corrupted by the mainstream and have no idea what rock is supposed to be. I feel a change of seasons coming. Great music will rise again

Author — uncle crutch


Love it !! All these OG bands coming out with new albums ! Making a coming back, mutha fuckers !! LOL

Author — Robert Sadora


I wish they had stayed as experimental as when they did Betty

Author — Robert


The first 3 tracks just blaze, and that outro on Algiers... FUGEDDABOUTDIT!!!

Author — Chris Mijares


I love the symbolism of this album, Seeing Eye Dog is really Seeing Eye God, dog in reverse is God, it is all about falling down as a human and letting God to take the wheels, to see through the eyes of God, our own third eye.

Author — Shalanaya


not sure about the mix here. I got some pretty decent JBL studio monitors and the guitar sounds a little too nasally high end. The playing is TIGHT though.

Author — Tone Tek


Listening in 2010? now listening in 2020)

Author — Геральт из Ривии


Why does everyone compare Justin Beiber to the music they like???  it's almost bizarre how often it happens. almost like a person is looked down on for being broad-minded in what type of sounds they enjoy And if you don't like this viewpoint comment "Well I'm Sooory"! (falsetto)

Author — ElektroZil