Tales of Grimm : First Impressions

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago


MY GAMING PHONE ! (These links support the channel)

This is not the common fairy tale you read before. Enjoy the incremental mobile game of Dark Fairy Tales!

You, a Dreamer, begin your own story in the Land of Oz. Go adventure with heroes living in the Land of Oz and explore the secrets hidden behind the dark.

[Free Up Your Hands]
Set your hero formation and wait for victories with your hands away from phones. Your heroes won’t stop fighting, so don’t forget to harvest generous rewards when you come back. Say goodbye to all those redundant clicks and swipes and winy our battle with only several taps.

[Train Your Hero Easier]
Experience the exhilaration of upgrading heroes. Equip treasures for your heroes and grow stronger minute by minute.
[Explore More Story]
In the Land of Oz, there are lots of secrets hidden in inconspicuous corners, waiting for Dreamers to explore. Play various modes to find out more stories about the natives of the Land of Oz.
[Fight For Your Honor]
Remember, you are not the only one who is summoned here. Adjust and discover your best hero formations and compete with other dreamers in PVP Arena. Win rewards and honors with your heroes!

💬 Comments

Whenever I'm having a bad day, it's always nice to join FG3000 back in the place to be.

Author — Advanced Gaming Cow


Actually looks quite decent for an idle game. Doesn't seem to be available in my region of the app store though.

Author — Magnus Kronhamn


Despite the repeated voice lines, it's actually a pretty decent idle game. I just started playing last night.



I have no idea what this game is or what this channel is about but I love this person's energy and I'm 100% installing this. I feel like he can sell anything to me💀💀

Author — Zero


Hell yeah fg getting back into rotation!

Author — Lee Reed


I just found out about the multi-tasking by pure accident. I do love that feature.

Author — LanceLuso


I personally prefer MLA and the game keeps being different than other idle games, and they also have the best quality of life since they 4X battle speed as well as 6X game animation speed.

Author — Kheireddine Btr


Shame that it doesn't have auto next or auto challenge that automatically fight the next battle until we lose multiple times. I like this feature in myth heroes. I like its aesthetic. Was just checking out Tog cuz soemone said tog is the most generous

Author — Afif


At first I wasn’t sure about this game because of how dark it looked😨, but looks can be deceiving😉, this game sounds and looks AWESOME!🤩

Author — Mackenzie Collins


Hhaha love the advices. Thanks for being straight to the point.

Author — Reenald


this game looks super active for an idle game.

Author — Cronnie


YEP this game is the best till now quite good and fast paced

Author — Delirium Bee


I'm going to play this game now thanks for yhe review man your the best!

Author — Oopzyt


It's my favorite idle game. I like this game more than AFK arena. AFK arena is already a great idle game but this just does it better for me. Being able to multitask in TOG is already a plus for me. Most repetitive content can be skipped. I'm pretty much endgame on both games. Both games are super generous with freebies. TOG has way easier events though. I would definitely recommend it to people who like AFK arena.

Author — iAmPj


I love the excitement when they pay you to review it😉

Author — Dark_Knight


I use the genie as my tank hes heqling is so good

Author — No Joke


I'm personally really enjoying this game.

Author — Teffthemeleer1


It's pretty telling when the best part of playing the game is not paying attention to the game. Gotta give credit to his positivity though

Author — Benjamin Coyle


Can you please look into uploading vertical games so they show as vertical rather then widescreen when viewed on a phone

Author — Majesco


This game is like a better version of that other game forgot the title but it had very similar mechanics.

Author — GotherL