MIG-29 High Altitude - 8-Camera view + Flight Data

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MIG-29 High Altitude - 8-Camera view + Flight Data 5

MIG-29 High Altitude - 8-Camera view + Flight Data.

The flights on the Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod stopped in September 2017 unfortunately after 11 years of operations to fly the high-performance fighter jets.

We do provide flight experiences with high-performance fighter jets for more than 16 years. Clients fly on the seat in the second cockpit. That is a MIG-29UB, a trainer version. The flight student is sitting in the front seat; the instructor is seated in the backseat by training flight. For our kind of flights, the test pilot in command is sitting in the front seat.

Info to the speed digits what you see on the screen:
Left: True Air Speed (TAS). The rate will be measured in knots per hour (kts) also in this case, even in kph. Most used for take-off, low-level flights, landing approaches and landing.

Middle: Indicated Air Speed (IAS). The speed will be measured in MACH.

Comparing IAS to TAS: TAS is reducing every 1,000 feet by 2% to IAS. That is related to the air pressure in which the jet is flying.

You can read in "Tenacity - The Book of Stars" the client testimonials of more as a decade in which they flew high-performance fighter jets:

The video (and others we make) was made with GoPro Cameras, what are the state of the art action cams nowadays. These cameras using ultra-wide lenses with 170 degrees, precisely those cameras are known for. It's called barrel distortion, which gives more sized imagery. We do not have to talk about more physics, laws and knowledge, what is known since hundred of years.

And a final note to "The Edge of Space":
The border at the edge of space is defined by the Karman Line at 360,000 feet (100 km) altitude. This is undoubtedly a physical boundary, where aerodynamics stops, and astronautics begins.

The using of the expression "edge of space" is also referring to a region below the conventional 100 km boundary to space, which is often meant to include substantially lower areas as well, for flights with high atmospheric balloons or aircraft what are flying mostly more elevated than a typical airliner.

Video Index:
0:00 Take-Off
2:14 Lecture about Flying the Aircraft
3:24 Recognising the Colour of the Sky
3:49 Passing 8,000 Metres (26,290 ft)
4:42 Reaching 12,000 Metres (39,360 ft)
5:48 Switching on Afterburner
6:12 Crossing the Sound Barrier at Mach 1,0
6:52 Containing acceleration
7:30 True airspeed Mach 1,7 (1,700 km/h)
7:41 Climbing to Altitude
8:32 Altitude 14,000 Metres (45,890 ft)
8:58 Reaching highest Altitude 17,150 Metres (56,250 ft)
9:30 Altitude 10,800 Metres (35,430 ft)
10:38 Acceleration G-Force to plus 4
11:24 O-Ring Half Roll - G-Force plus 5
12:06 Loop - G-Force plus 5
13:10 Inverted Flight
13:39 Barrel Roll
16:48 Low Pass / Barrel Roll / Left Bank
17:48 Loop
18:16 Tail Slide
19:34 Inverted Flight above the Runway
19:46 Left Bank - G-Force plus 7
20:55 Low Pass
21:53 Landing Approach
22:40 Landing

💬 Comments on the video

Some facts that are always discussed, or we were asked about:

a) The MIG-29 Flights were stopped in September 2017.

b) The GoPro cams are not using "Fish-Eye-Lenses", they use 170-degree wide-angle view lenses mostly to cover a wide-angle view. Out of this, you see a barrel-distortion, depending on the angle to concave or convex. The centre is always straight. This has nothing to do with Earth curvature more or less, we know that the Earth is a sphere, the horizon has a curve, because we checked that with own eyes, and our clients too. Other space agencies like ESA, Roskosmos and NASA checked that more from higher altitude or distance, the results of space exploration are spread widely on the web.

c) Speed measurement: On the left (kts and km/h) is True Air Speed (TAS). In aviation used mostly for take-off and landing and below 3, 000 metres. The valid number for such flights is the "Mach Number" = M. That is named IAS (Indicated Air Speed). The speed will measure in MACH. Comparing IAS to TAS: TAS is reducing every 1, 000 feet by 2% to IAS. That is related to the air pressure in which the jet is flying.

d) To sit in a cockpit of a MIG-29 "Fulcrum" jet was for most of our clients the first time ever. Most of them weren't pilots. So, their reactions are different, as we humans are. But they liked it all, some of them did it twice. By the way, our clients sat on the second seat behind the pilot. This is a MIG-29UB Trainer Version with dual control. You will find in our channels a lot of videos with flights of our clients in all the years we provided them, so you will see different flights and different reactions.

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При таком полете моргать и глаза закрывать не дорого минуты Надо ввысь в небо и за штурвал браться чтоб прочувствовать управление такой машиной )

Author — RUTV1


Wow incredible, my son wants to fly in that aircraft one day.



The flat earth horizon is unmistakable.

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Какая всё же у нас красивая планета. Боже храни нашу планету и всё живое на ней. Пусть будет мир во всем мире.

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its amazing what we humans can achieve.... a 100 years ago this was still a fantasy to be so high up.

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I have never spent so much time utterly enjoying, appreciating and reading comments as i have on this video. SUBERB!

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I would never assume, Russian military can be so customer oriented! Really high level of service!

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"Loop and tail slide"
"Can we skip the tail slide?"
"Yes, tail slide after the loop"
=)) Love Russians, no pain no game

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Какое великолепие, какой неповторимый вид открывается на нашу планету сверху, в эти моменты осознаёшь, насколько малы мы люди с нашими людскими проблемками и насколько огромен нас окружающий мир!
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Pilot : How are you in the back ?

Guest : Oh, you mean I can open my eyes now ???

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80 Dislikes are the flat earth believers lel

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The world has changed a lot. When I was I kid back in the 80s, MiG footage like this was unheard of.

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"Now please look to the sky".
"No thanks I'm good".

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Amazing video, the Pilot so kind asking and telling the flight maneuvers to the passenger. Thank you so much for sharing... A really nice trip!

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