10 MOST Amazing Epoxy Resin and Wood River Table ! Awesome DIY Woodworking Projects and Products

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10 MOST Amazing Epoxy Resin and Wood River Table ! Awesome DIY Woodworking Projects and Products 4.5

Materials and Tools Using in this Video (affiliate) :


Watching and Saving Ideas about Epoxy Resin River Tables
00:07:40 Mixed And Blue Epoxy Wood Resin Skateboard
00:14:36 Edge Epoxy Resin River Table



- Black Wood Forest Co

- Daniel Nelson (driftwoodworks)

- Jason Miles

- Giffelcustom

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Just go to the Woodglut website if you want to do it yourself.

Author — Chavira Wiser


Oh great ! Very beautiful, very unique, I enjoyed it!

Author — Do Go 24H


Damn, y'all need to teach your video editor how to balance volume from track to track.

Author — Robert Wright


what if you paint something with this?
like car or some parts

Author — Petros Komninos


Wat r u using to make that stuff I would like to try it

Author — Jay King


Give me the price.  I want one of those for my porch door.

Author — j kim


Beautiful work, I wish I had my own wood mill and thousands of dollars for resins, this way I could make beautiful things like this . They really are beautiful works and thank you for posting this video.

Author — Noble Roman


Благодарю автора ролика за очень полезную и ценную информацию! Покажу своим заказчикам.

Author — Ландшафтная Мастерская Трофима Титаренко


I freaking need a table like this. They are beautiful.

Author — Meagan Shupe


Hermosos trabajos!!
LaMadera es naturalmente fascinante!!!, y que gran complemento con la Química y sabiduría del Homdre!!!.
Me atrae esa Asociación!!.
Gracias y muchos Éxitos.

Author — pedro ramirez


I thought i'm can't start in carpentry, but that amazing guy helped me with that! Open *WO OD STA RT . ML*

Author — Эдуарда Давыдова


Wait, at 5:49 your pulling him out of the resin? you should left him in there ! HAhahahaha

Author — Jim Gagne


Thanks for the reply.
One more thing how long do you dry your slabs before you assemble.

Author — snowrk


Wood Presents : Okay! Let's make a video about woods with holes filled with epoxy resin. A lot of epoxy resin.


Me : Wow, cute! And stunning!
Also me : Let's do it

Few minutes

Me again : You know? Let's just let them do it. I'm just a 12 year old kid, doesn't have any money and a very, very lazy kid.



12:54 이 영상에서 본 것중에 제일 이쁘고 갖고싶은 마음이 생긴 작품인데.. 왜 완성된거 안보여주냐ㅠㅠㅜ

Author — ラム&レム


would this work on a stringed instrument back? I'm thinking of doing a dulcimer project and I was thinking this would be very interesting looking but would it work?

Author — moviemakerwannabe


Amazing AND Beautiful. ..
OR Beautiful AND Amazing....
Amazingly Beautiful Artwork !🙄
Super😎Kool !
Thanx for Sharing !!

Author — Kieran Benn


Excelente trabalho ! Inspirador vou até me inspirar neles pra compor algo de minha autoria!

Author — Tila Wolf


super idea i have an old bureau that i sanded 5 coats of paint so great project for me thank you

Author — Marcel Dionne


At first I was like, "this guy is just pouring Epoxy into a mold with a piece of damn wood in it." Then, at 5:49 you rescued that fly and everything turned around for me. In that moment I realized you were a compassionate human being, and even though the fly probably still died, it somehow imbued the entire enterprise with life. I admit, I did not see this coming.

Author — Jimmy Baller