YouTube CUTS TIES With Logan Paul After Video Controversy

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YouTube CUTS TIES With Logan Paul After Video Controversy 4.5

YouTube has slapped Logan Paul with some serious consequences following his controversial suicide forest video. This episode is brought to you by Turbo Tax. Relax, there’s Turbo Tax.

According to YouTube, Logan Paul is now cancelled.

Logan is facing MORE aftermath from his inconsiderate YouTube vlog that featured an apparent suicide victim in Japan. Many wondered why YouTube didn’t take down the video before it racked up over a million views. Logan himself removed the video one day after it was uploaded, due to backlash over his insensitivity toward mental health issues. And now, 11 days after the video first went live YouTube has hit Logan with some severe punishment. YouTube announced yesterday it has removed Logan from it’s Google Preferred Program- the program that gives brands the ability to sell ads to the top 5 percent of creators. Logan can still run ads on his YouTube channels- buuuut he’ll have to do it like the rest of us.

In YouTube’s statement on the matter they also revealed Logan won’t be featured in season four of YouTube Red original comedy “Foursome”. AND on top of that Logan’s upcoming YouTube Originals project “The Thinning: New World Order” was put on hold. As you know, the film is a sequel to his sci-fi thriller “The Thinning”.
When Logan’s vlog first went live, YouTube issued a statement that his video violated their policies and noted that his channel received a strike. PS: If a channel receives three strikes within a three month period, the channel is deleted.

Then on Tuesday, YouTube wrote an open letter on Twitter revealing that punishment for Logan Paul’s inappropriate video was coming soon. The letter read in part: “Suicide is not a joke, nor should it ever be a driving force for views.” In another tweet YouTube expressed QUOTE, “We expect more of the creators who build their community on @youtube, as we’re sure you do too. The channel violated our community guidelines, we acted accordingly, and we are looking at further consequences.”

Now the questions is: are these consequences too harsh?... or not harsh enough? Cancel whatever you’ve got going on for the next couple minutes and tell us below your thoughts on this controversy. Thank you so much for tuning in, I’m your host Drew Dorsey. Now click LEFT to see Logan return to vlogging or RIGHT to see Lili Reinhart open up about going to therapy. This episode was brought to you buy Turbo Tax. Relax, there’s Turbo Tax.

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I was actually waiting for the next thinning movie such a shame of what he did.

Автор — Kelsye Jordan


Well, not hating on him - but he deserves all this. I mean, he has to realise that everything he does has a consequence. He needs to learn from his mistakes.

Автор — Ri Ranjo


Okay now do this to his brother Jake since he is way worse than Logan🤷🏼‍♀️

Автор — Olivia Reed


I say release the thinning two, but all the money logan would make off of it should go towards mental health charities and suicide prevention groups

Автор — Em F


Literally not harsh at all.
They didn't even take the video down... that was Logan's decision.
If this was Pewdiepie or Shane Dawson or someone they would've been on this in a heartbeat...

Автор — caliwonder2087


last year i had no idea who this guy was, only knew no one liked him. now i understand why

Автор — inspiring


I think he deserves a punishment for his actions but the rest of the cast of the thinning don't they didn't do anything and it's their movie too

Автор — Pat Mosquera


Finally YouTube getting itself together for 👏🏾

Автор — Amie Kamara


that wont affect him at all. but atleast they did something

Автор — inXine


Good!!! I feel like YouTube did the right thing!!!! :)

Автор — Courtney R. Olds


It took YouTube over a week to make him face any consequences at all. We all know that YouTube was ready to just let it slide. They practically had to be dragged kicking and screaming into doing anything about that video.

Автор — dgaller06



Although, in my opinion, they gave him some pretty light punishments.

Автор — Ahjusshi _Brown


Sorry to all his fans, but he deserves it.

Автор — Ri Ranjo


Tbh...have u seen his videos he's always doing something reckless the fact that youtube is just now telling him "hey dude chill out" its like really, Youtube should of told him to calm down a long time a go knowing he had a lot of young followers. he had no consequences from the beginning.this could have been prevented. Youtube step up your game!

Автор — Kassy Sanchez


Just for all the people who are saying this is too harsh.
1) This isn't the first time he has violated youtube rules.
2)He has done way more damage than just the forest incident so you can't call it a "mistake".
3)For those who post videos, you would know that you have a lot of time to decide if a video should be posted or not as you're editing and choosing a thumbnail. So the impulsive argument is a little of a stretch.
3)Hopefully this will be his wake up call on being a douche and disrespectful to cultures.

Автор — TheCaliforniaboy1


This is NOT enough
People have gotten punished for WAY less on here
They are still taking this too lightly
This isn't just some kid making some dumb impulsive mistake
He is a grown adult by this point
He should know better
And he should be treated accordingly for said actions.

Автор — UnovaTrainerWhite


I don't know if I'm being too harsh or not but, for me, this is not enough. I think he should have been banned from Youtube or not be able to publish videos on YouTube for a long time. His punishment should be more severe because what he did was seriously disrespectful, it was the kind of thing you should know, at his age, that it wasn't okay/appropriate/right for you to do that. How was that bringing awareness to the issue? In my opinion, he was just trying to capitalize on the matter.

Автор — Catarina Mangel


Not enough...

His dad said that Logan will comeback soon. So, No... Not enough.

Автор — Lisa Khan


is that really a punishment though? i don't think it'll affect him

Автор — butewuhs


He deserves it. I don’t feel sorry for him at all

Автор — Milagros Figueroa