Dell Canvas 27 & Wacom Cintiq ExpressKey Remote

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

A quick follow-up to my Dell Canvas unboxing... Does the Wacom ExpressKey Remote work with the Dell Canvas 27? Let's get hands on and test it out!


Until next time, keep on painting!

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Wacom has really failed with promoting the remote as it is totally a independent product that could be used for anything requiring shortcuts or hotkeys. It is really useful for those working in 3d or other apps that are heavy in hotkeys IE where your mashing 3+ keys to get an action that often is not in the GUI at all the little wacom with all the buttons comes in handy exp as you can hook up multiple units on one dongle. I think the limit is 8 remotes. I would be more interested to see if the totems could be adapted to a cintiq or a non drawing system.

Author — Madkoifish


There's your solution for Mac users, they could create the proper drivers and ship a Mac version without the totems. Or they could write drivers for the totems. You should tell them that the Mac world is starved for innovation and that if they write drivers for Mac they will definitely sell a LOT more of these!! Thank you for your excellent videos!

Author — Sean Murphy


I think that the combination of the Wacom remote's on-screen controls plus the on-screen controls of the Canvas give you more customization than we could have hoped for. It would appear that you can not use touch with your hand to activate the Wacom on-screen controls and will have to resort to using the pen which I believe was the same case for people using it on other devices. That's not something you would need to do but if the on-screen controls of the Canvas are both pen and touch\finger activated (unlike the Wacom) it might make the Wacom remote less needed considering you would then have that plus the totem for a more tactile control.

Author — cavedroid


Totally cool this is digital art heaven! Thanks for sharing Yeahhhh! 🙌

Author — Mario Blue


LAWRENCEcanDRAW ... that's fantastic. Out of curiosity, do you happen to know if the Wacom Remote also works with the Surface Pro & Studio as it does with your Surface Book?
Edit: I wonder if the Dell dial or totem (keep forgetting the name), will work with the new Cintiq Pro!?!

Author — John Kon


What about the Wacom Color Manager?

If that works, too, it could be a huge benefit as graphics tablets, like displays, lose colour accuracy over time (usually due to driver updates that cause issues).

Author — Simon Spencer


Thanks for making this video! How does the Radial Menu work? Does it appear right under the Dell Canvas pen when your hovering over the screen? Or does it only show up in the upper right hand corner? Thank you!

Author — Mark Fitzpatrick


Hey great video. Just want to ask, Do you think that this product could be compatible with Windows 11 in the near future?. Could you please keep us updated with a video with the Dell Canvas 27 working on Windows 11?. Many thanks

Author — Luis Garcia


Have you ran into any driver clashes since making this video when doing this? I consistently have to restart my computer because the Canvas doesn't always work after installing the Wacom Tablet Properties software. I try to open the Canvas Pen software, and it just says "The tablet driver is not running." Both Dell and Wacom haven't been able to help, and it's been nearly a year since I've been struggling with this.

Author — ethanpenn5


Have you used these together regularly? I am facing driver issues where is works at first and then intermittently crashes and will not open wacom expresskey remote software. Also the canvas drivers do not interface with microsoft onenote as other pen computers.

Author — Thomas Martin


Oh... so this is why you were curious why I'm not so keen on the Wacom remote haha. Well, nice solution for some, I'm sure! Cheers! And thanks for more videos, as always!

Author — Kyna Hansen


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for clearing that up for me.

Author — Josh Iwanski


Did you happen to try the Wacom Pro Pens on the Canvas to see if the pens are the same tech or frequency? If the intuos pro pens work that would be an added value to the Canvas.

Author — duffpappy


"All that functionality. . ." indeed. If only it worked well. The EK Remote wreaks havoc with my 27 QHD when the battery gets low. It activates precision mode, or display toggle, and sometimes other functions for which it's programmed. Once it activated undo history and managed to delete my painting before I could save it. It was a horror. The battery doesn't hold a charge long. The software doesn't accurately report its level. I've become an expert at programing it since it takes nothing more than a Windows or Wacom driver update to screw it up. You'd think backing up the settings would help, but usually those have to be wiped clean to get things to work properly. NO. Don't add gasoline to the fire. BUT, if you absolutely want to put it on the screen, use velcro tape. Stick one side (male) on the monitor and the other (female) on the back of the remote. You can do the same with a keyboard. Velcro. Who knew?

Author — bagoglass1


I have a canvas and it's awesome! The drivers don't case any problems right? Like conflicting with the canvas driver settings for the pen ect? Do you have to install the full on cintiq software or is there software just for the remote? Thanks!

Author — Fernando


dell canvas with ergotron and wacom remote look pretty good. How it may be cost? 1800 vs 2800 usd? Good deal.

Author — sudosu


Isn't there a free software version of the whole "hotkey" thing

Author — Amboyz1


So basically it can do everything the cintiq 27 can do ? It's newer and it will be cheaper? This is Dell not some China knock off...After watching you pick apart this early version i'm honestly considering in getting it when it's released. I've been using the cintiq13 hd for 4 years now and the size is catching up to me. I got wrist and elbow pains, it strains my eyes and the constant zooming in and out is getting old. Wacom asks way too much money for their pen displays, much more then they are actually worth. They are good but not flawless.

Author — du1911