2018 Midterm Election Results | Fox News

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2018 Midterm Election Results | Fox News 4
As midterm election races are called tonight, check back here to see the live results of all the congressional and gubernatorial races around the country.

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Republicans are still salty over this victory 🤣🤣🤣

Author — John B


The Republicans still have the Senate the White House and the Supreme Court.

Author — Myself


The blue wave never reached beyond the shores, and the only reason why Republicans may loose the House is because Ryan has done a halfhearted and terrible job of defending the majority. If Ryan had done half the effort that Trump did, the Republicans may have prevailed.

And the Democrats do not have a united party. The only thing that they can agree on is obstruction.

Author — Sven Nielsen


Hey dems, news flash.
Republicans are judicial.
Not legislative.

The trump train rolls on, baby.

Author — Out of Context


I'm loosing hope in Americans
Look what you have done.

Author — stephan W


I sure hope we do an operational audit using this election to clean up and fix our voting policy and procedures.

Author — Patti Watson


Woop! Woop!...With a Republican Yell. she wants more, more more!!!

Author — Raiha Marsden


Anybody lost a house?, oh!!! Its the rePUBICans 🤣😂🤣

Author — Boy Bili


I may be a little slow. Why are stations calling Dems winning the house when the numbers here show otherwise? Why are they Dems so happy about this election, the just scraped by. PS: Im not American.

Author — Eran Abulafia


Had to laugh when Kemp had an invalid voter I’d card. Karma!

Author — Ed S


Why’d it stop at 203/187? I was watching live and viewership plummeted when they stopped showing results

Author — Cali Killa Klown


We'd better check for the DEAD vote and the ILLEGAL alien vote in the house race!

Author — I AM A VIKING


That's what we get for letting so many foreigners into the US. They always will vote for democrats to protect themselves and their vast family. Another reason to stop this immigration and birth right bs.

Author — Ursula. M


Trump will now just bypass the dem house of reps by making Executive orders, and Justice Kavanaugh will rule them all totally constitutional, remember just like Obama did after he lost the Congress ? dems are so short sighted.

Author — grandconjunct


No such thing as Left or Right.
Its all just a plan to divide & conquer.
Of COURSE they’re gonna throw more Dems in there to stir up the pot.

Author — Brentenjs550


You type in "Fox News live stream" so they give you "streamed 13 hours ago". Don't they understand English?

Author — mjazzguitar


I mean, I think the media wanted us to lose even if we were doing good!!! I'm sorry I forgot the word us.

Author — Kayla Montanez


See that press conference today? The Allies are now on enemy soil, the fuhrer is angry, lmao

Author — Artillery Horse


With all the fraud going around, its no wander the Dems stole the house. With the tech companies banning, blocking, and shadowbanning conservative in mass, along with illegal campaign money coming from foreign donors, not to mention illegals voting Dem multiple times using dead peoples voting rolls, and illegally campaigning only feet away from the voting stations this needs to be contested.

Author — Vaderghost20


OMG the salt in these comments is something else.

Author — DarkChocolate33