How to Sea Kayak : The Cowboy Sea Kayak Rescue

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How to Sea Kayak : The Cowboy Sea Kayak Rescue 4
Learn how to use a cowboy rescue to get back in your boat in this free sea kayaking video clip.

Expert: Jean Totz
Bio: President of Sweetwater Kayaks, Jean is also the Director of the Florida Gulf Coast International Sea Kayak Symposium at Sweetwater Kayaks.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt

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Great video. After some or plenty (depending on your experience) of practice you can do it even on moderate sea. There's a video by an ACA instructor showing it next to Golden Gate bridge.

Author — trinacria


2 vids, "30 second cowboy scramble", and "sea kayak self rescue- the ladder" discount the still water theory. one still needs skill, and flexibility... if ones legs dont go in easil;y, does that mean your kayak is ill fitted?

Author — Carlos Conrad


It helps if the paddler holds the sprayskirt grab loop in his mouth. See Rock and Sea Productions' "Sea Kayak Safety" video.

Author — TechnoEngineer


in primo luogo queste manovre devono essere provate al largo. In secondo luogo lei non lo deve aiutare tenendogli ferma la prua (difatti é sparita dall'inquadratura). In terzo luogo questa manovra con mare mosso se la possono scordare. Attenti a quello che fate vedere perché la genta vi prende come riferimento e vi imita.

Author — assanyuri


Fake!.. the lady in green is holding the kayak while he climbs on and into it!

Author — CT2507


Just a question...Why are they talking about re-entry, yet they show the paddler in the boat at 0:14?

Author — Ian Johnson


n the first place these maneuvers should be tried off. Secondly you should not help tenendogli stops the bow (in fact is gone dall'inquadratura). Thirdly this maneuver with the rough seas may forget. Careful what you do see why people will take as a reference and imitation.

Author — jack.manfield


I have an Epic Kayak, by Wilderness systems, it was not physically possible for me to do this entry... the cockpit was too small! My legs would have had to bend backwards! I had to sit like that, steady, then boost myself back up on the rear deck, straighten my legs and lower myself back in. I did manage to do this in the middle of some large surf at Longpoint, pump out the boat and go back out for another washing machine tumble run in to the beach, there were rouge 6' waves that day!

Author — Cameron Meikle


It is worth noting that this was done in STILL WATER, try doing in any kind of even slightly rough water and you will fall right back in.

Author — Scott Edwards