I Spent 300 Days in Factorio... Here's What Happened

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I Spent 300 Days in Factorio and Here's What Happened. Can I survive crash-landed alone on a rail world against aliens? I completed this world in 38 hours which is a bit more than 300 days. This is how I spent I Spent 300 Days in Factorio.

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0:00 Intro
0:07 Start
1:05 Starter Base
2:27 Electric Circuits
3:18 The Mall
4:12 Military Science
4:23 Oil
5:09 Blue Science
5:58 Trains
9:32 Yellow Science
9:58 Power Armor
10:05 Purple Science
12:28 Uranium
14:13 Ship Launch


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💬 Comments

Seeing people who know what they are doing in factorio is so fascinating, good bid as always

Author — project linux


Please do some more factorio. I love how you are so organised and how clean your base is please do something like 1000 days and more. Keep up the good content.

Author — Kevin Nygaard


I found the best defense against biter attacks is to just wipe out any nests that your pollution is getting close to. Eventually I had two spidertrons walking the perimeter of the pollution cloud.

Author — triforcelink


I love how vee said "it's tanking time" and tanks all over the bugs 🐛

Author — Jacob Morales


I've been loving your hundred day Rimworld series, watched a zomboid vid yesterday of yours and today you're doing Factorio. The holy trinity of timesinks, keep up the great work!

Author — HuffingtonPants


avid factorio player here and fan of Nilaus, enjoyed the video, do you think you will have more factorio videos lined up in the future such as challenges or modded, maybe based on how well this video is received, would love to see it

Author — GhostHead


I got extremely happy hearing Dearly Beloved in the background. It brings me comfort knowing someone else's gaming taste ranges from Factorio to Kingdom Hearts lmao

Author — Cody Kuntz


Oh Factorio the crack that got me into base building/factory games. I can't wait for the expansion!

Author — Jun Moreno


I love that you write your own subtitles and I don't have to use auto generated ones that suck half the time lol

Author — Daniel Wilson


As of now I spent over 40 full days on this game, I regret nothing

Author — PanzervPL


I played this game so much that when I went to sleep I could see the rails with my eyes

Author — Gus


I was NOT expecting the Made in Abyss soundtrack in this and I immediately love your channel. Factorio and Made in Abyss are my absolute two biggest addiction. +1 Follow.

Author — Kidsune Kirax


Nice video. I relay like your choice of Music. It really fits, especially as a fan of Made in Abyss and Nier: Automata.

Author — Jan MP


I recently got re-addicted to this awesome game.

Author — BagelBoy


veequeue videos are always fun to watch

Author — Jeff Bezoz


So Factorio has arrive, now i want to see what challenge will come now

Author — PlyAkira


"Stop calling it a mall"

Author — Alekss Zukovskis


Was eyeing Factorio for a while now and looking to try it out. Coming from Rimworld i was wondering should i play vanilla or modded and what mods to use? Also any beginner friendly tutorials to recommend?

Author — Abdulrahman Muhammad Al Sherbini


When i started my megabase i set 2 rules, trains of 12 wagon and green arms operating at maximum speed, a genocide of biters....and so 800hrs gone.

Author — gere


this guy did more in 20 min then i did in 4 hours

Author — Chez Bez