Race to the border: Syrian Kurds call in Assad against Turkey offensive

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Race to the border: Syrian Kurds call in Assad against Turkey offensive 4.5
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💬 Comments on the video

The french general has no idea about the current and past situation in Syria. It says allot about the french military elite!!!

Author — TheFuture2050


typical french news... they don’t know what is fact or not...

Author — Ogr Nrn


The Jihadists are Kerry Clinton Obama and Brenan Creation and trained by the CIA and MOSSAD.
multiple videos Exposing this.

Author — Allan Simoes


The Syrian Arab army will retain every inch of their land that's a promise

Author — Charles Elkofairi


HTS is an extrmist group not a Jihadistes group lol this Wassim is confused

Author — Omar Saad


turkey has a new dengoures weapons its call refugee🙂

Author — Abram shk


I beliver that Russia will help end the war. Bring peace to syria.

Author — Poorna Gordana Acko


I skipped the french dude. He didn't seem to understand the situation.

Author — aha


Russian planes over Manbij declaring all of Syria a no fly zone.

Author — Ao Naga


Same arguments, same blame game, same lies that we have been listening to for decades and decades of political, trade, profit wars. The only difference is the name of nations change. The only thing that has no change is the suffering of the ordinary people that fall victim to those merciless tyrants....: (

Author — Ray Ray


The U.S. has been there for years. When are their other allies going to step up????

Author — Duboney


when you cross a border by force that is defined as invasion. the same argument was used by the third reich to establish a safe zone in poland.

Author — phwodehouse


Enough killing its time for peace and stop taking shet.

Author — Sweet Home


omg! these guys just go on and on, smh!

Author — fordssucklol


Interesting enough it was the darn french and brits who divided the middle east in 'countries' to control them. Why the saudis and jordans and the rest have 'kings and princess ' after the darn brits legacy and control....

Author — Art Carvajal


At war no one talks about it 🙈🙉🙊, we leave war Everyone talks about it. 🤔

Author — Toad Phillips


Yusuf and Wassim are about the smartest talking heads here, The Froggy General as Gold lined pockets and full of S**T

Author — Ulrich Esser


PUTIN<ASSAD< IRAN< TURKEY will sit on table very soon

Author — ma ta


Since, Syria recognize the Kurds as a legitimate actor, in the Civil War...

Syria has (MP)Airspace authority west of Euphrates & south of M4 highway..

Author — Kosh 963


Respect to the old man and the Kurdish guy

Author — haval 7