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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

Chandra, Dressed to Kill and a few other Crimson Vow cards have definitely helped the early game of the dragon deck. Find out which cards TheAsianAvenger is using in this episode of Single Scoop!

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If you played storm seeker instead of moonveil that last game you could've just swung lethal while they were tapped out instead of giving them an extra turn. Good games though, love to see big red.

Author — Trey Conover


that opening +1 chandra to ping nothing was truly crim clutch

Author — Atmapalazzo


Just started playing magic arena. How in the heck are you guys getting all these good cards? I haven't done the math but this deck would cost like 1000 buck probably more! Maybe I'm missing something in the game. I hope so.

Author — Jeff


I've played a bit of cemetery gatekeeper. It's almost always a 2/1 first strike with no upside. Out of the 20 times I've cast it, only about 6 of those times was I able to exile something with it and half of those times it was worse for me than for my opponent. Usually it just has to come down on t2 cuz you have nothing else to do. WTB better 1 and 2 drop red creatures.

Author — Clackerr


Good content as always but the music is distracting imo.

Author — Christoph Weber


Crim better have a manic panic sponsorship at this point.

Author — Tank Hankerous


Small thing but why didn't you ping your op with Chandra's +1 in Game 1?

Author — Glezias14


Shout out to the Cowboy Bebop shirt, love it! ^_^

Author — Toofpyk


Krim I love watching you but the audio here was awful, mic sounded bad. Couldn't watch sadly.

Author — SSJRanulf


No Manaform Hellkite? Damn, I really did spend 4 mythic rares for nothing, right?

Author — Pérez Ortega Valentín


at 15:15 animate the land, kill the Lolth, play the dragon, save a card. man i wish you would finally start taking more time and consideration for your plays. every video is full of misplays due to not reading cards or just playing too fast

Author — Christian Morgenstern


Cool music, good plays. Bo3 though please, would love to see if this deck has legs.

Author — Andrew Humphries


you could have let that Narfi resolve instead of kazuul's fury for lethal to unlock the infamous achievment of Gatekeeper Kill on the opponent!!
Well done with this one, I love big red and this is the best build I've seen in a long time!!

Author — Gianmaria Capuzzo


Cool deck Crim, but maybe the deck should run Field of Ruin instead of Faceless Haven. FoR can hate on your opponents manlands, but it also gets lands in the yard for you to exile.

Author — Peter Steiman


man that game's deck shuffler is seriously ridiculous. seems like every time I watch an MTGA video the player either draws 10 lands and 2 nonlands or vice versa. think I'll stick to MTGO, at least until wizards decides to kill it

Author — Toxically Masculine


What happened to your mic bro sounds like you’re in a bathroom

Author — patrick tatum


Sorry Crim, but you are completely wrong. Azorius is the most miserable color in Magic. No such thing as a fun game when Azorius, or any iteration with those 2 colors together heavily acclimated, is used.

Author — UndeadxPenguins


Quick comment, is their anyway you could get rid of yourself in the corner of your videos? I could only watch about a quarter of your videos when I just had to deal with your voice, with your face and voice I can usually only make it through the first game. Just trying help with your ad revenue.

Author — B M