Building a CAPI 500 RACK!

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DIY 500 Chassis - CAPI 511-VPR

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I need help deciding what modules to put in the new rack. What’s your favorite??

Author — Colt Capperrune


Love these videos, very inspiring! I've built out a new Studio in my home in New Hampshire, and will be ordering CAPI gear for sure. Quick question, where do you order your patch bays from ? Any suggestions ?

Author — Stephen Banville


I’ve been digging on the Phoenix Audio 500 series Pre’s and eq’s lately. Just beautiful sounding gear.

Author — Christopher Palko


I built a JLM Audio LA500 comp a few months ago and have been loving it. Essentially an LA3A but with a slow attack option to get you in LA2A territory. They sell them fully assembled as well.

Author — Robert Brazinski


Colt, you are way too modest dude! You got mad skills with the tinning and soldering. I knew I wasn't the only one with some electrical engineering abilities. I'm seriously impressed and you deserve all the kudos and success that you are building on! Excellent work brutha!!

Author — Tisbonus


I love to see this man - absolutely awesome how you soldered that. I just bought my very first pre amp (tonebeast black) and power conditioner and two mogami cables and I plan to build my own studio rack out of wood. Can't wait to improve my sound on some quality outboard gear!

Author — natanyofsho


A pair of AML ez1073-500 (NEVE pre and eq) are great and really affordable! I changed the knobs on those for more authentic looking Neve knobs, looks great!

Author — Frank Rotthier


three pieces I can recommend are rupert neve designs 511 pres, elysia xpressor500 and elysia xfilter 500, all of them superb, I'd like to get a pair of chandler/EMI TG2 500 pres as well, but I currently only have space for 6 units.

Author — Tyreman Guitars


Just wanna say your channel is absolutely fantastic I love everything you post and it's very inspiring for a 17 year old audio engineer looking to get into the field:)! Godbless you and your family!

Author — ryan sillifant


This is cool I think I’m going to get this instead since it is cheaper and diy thanks colt keep up the good work

Author — Jim Street


Looks like a fun day at the iron to me!! Awesome you have those resources!! Kill it Colt!

Author — Karl Engstrom


Super Duper Stuff Colt as ALWAYS !!! Love your Clear & Concise... Thanks a bunch & God Bless.. !!!

Author — Highway Traffics


Love your channel bro!! You have inspired me to get into 500 series and CAPI gear!

Author — shanesmane


What are your thoughts on Elysia? Their Karacter module (2 slots) is the best saturator I've ever heard. Then they have the skulptor and mpressor, single slot. Then other than that it's mainly mastering or stereo bus stuff. I must confess I filled a rack with it all (nearly), last two slots will be Capi. Something for adding sparkle to vox and lead guitars and a preamp.

My rack consists of;

Skulptor - TDX transient designer - (Elysia) Xfliter - Xpressor - Karacter

I use my chain in some cases for sculpting a single drum, but mostly as a bus chain. I recognise I need another less clinical sounding preamp and a simple 3 band EQ, pultec style even.

8 slots

2 ready and waiting for some Capi, based more or less entirely on your obsession and the sound of your mixes.


Author — David Joseph


JLM Audio makes some pretty cool modules for a decent price. They're all kinda clones of classic pieces with added features. AND, they LOOK AMAZING

Author — Luuk Meijwaard


Retro doublewide ii, and retro 500 pre. Also the spectra 1964 stx 100 mic pre's that's what I got so they're my favorites haha! Cool video think I'm gonna build one now.

Author — Ian Pattison


I definitely get a taste of your taste on mixes in this vid. Out on a limb here, but the hollow drop back then 3rds & 5ths predominant around 7:13 was nice.... I'm re-introducing myself to intervals, am I close? Whatever it is it sounds great!!
Thanks for another great vid, Colt!!

Author — Karl Engstrom


The Midas L6 and L10 are incredible cheap here in Germany. The L10 is 222€, approx. $250. Even less, than the Capi.
Just fyi.
I Love DIY videos by the way. Thanks.

Author — Peter Brandt


AML 1073s and 2254s are SUPERB modules (audio maintenance limited) for the Neve-ish colour.

Author — Nikolaos Rondelis


Understanding next to nothing about electronics I find these to be the musician equivalent of Legos. I got fed up with basic guitar electronics pretty quick but that was down to a low wattage soldering iron. Maybe I'll dabble in electronics in the future by picking up a few pedal kits and an amp project while I'm at it. But for now I just marvel.

Author — Pablo Lindrossini // Memesis