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This is by far my best edit. If I should, would you guys want me to make more frag edits? Also, if this hits 50 likes, I'll release the clip pack for the frags used.

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You should make a CS:GO frag edit, Maybe a teamtage from this really weird clan called T2D. I hear that Nate fellow is a beast

Author — Natel7331


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you need to work on your flow a lil most of it was really good especially with the frost dsr animation and the song was a good choice :) try to add sfx for weapons other than the snipers like the an94 also try to use more effects in your edits and not re use the same displacement map shockwave please re app soon i really enjoyed this man keep it up ;)

Thanks for aping please re app in the future #BlackHeart #NeverGiveUp -Viperz

Author — Black Heart Editors