how to make 100% free energy from water flow | hydro power | best for school project

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how to make 100% free energy from water flow | hydro power | best for school project 4
Title : how to make free energy from water flow | hydro power | best for school project

publish date : 11/10/17

in this video i have shown how to make electricity from water with the help of dc motor ..
this project is best for school projects..

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We can add any motor to provide energy from hydropower

Author — Guru Gamer PLAYER


This project give us idea that how we can produce electricity from water. Nice idea
And for those who say this project is not good because there is wastage of water so, my answer is its only model.
You can make this project near stream not in sink, by making this project near stream we can get electricity without wastage of water.

Author — YN TECH


Which motor you use plz tell fast also give the link

Author — Ashutosh Saxena


The real energy conversion was turning this video into fire with the music.

Author — treize32


Super I am do my science exhibitions 👍👍👍👌👌👌

Author — Naveen Kumar


it's not good because the water is falling on the DC motor and the two LED it will produce current and it will rust.Well try next time all the best👍👍🙂

Author — Supriya Khambe


Thanks... This video was very good and helpful.. I got an A+ at a test cause of this project..

Author — Kathy Margareth _playz_GachaYT


Can I use DC motor instead of that motor that you used

Author — Hosaain Samir


Thanks sir i got a idea for my school project😁👌🏻😋😀

Author — Dalpat Singh


What type of motor you have used. Is it dc motor???

Author — Harikrishna Sharma


Hii, great project dude . Can u please tell the motor specification and its cost . I'll really appreciate it. Keep up the good work 👍

Author — Vinayak Sharma


Wow...that project can use on the river?

Author — KIRBY PH


Most people didn't get the point of the video: you can put it in the nearby stream not in your sink with the water running off

Author — Jasper Geli


Where is this motor available? Somebody please comment

Author — kaleem shaikh


Can't I use generator because motor does not produce electricity generator produces

Author — Ashutosh Saxena


Which motor did you use? That is 12volt dc motor?



Do it from waste water
Not direct from tap

Author — Bijay Kumar


I dont get how the electricity flows through that wood?

Author — PyroJayxX


After reading the comments of some people i only want to say is "Naqal ko bhi Aqal ki zarurat hoti hai". There r some people who really very like to just judge d others.If some1 is putting his effort for something u also can appreciate d1 yaar

Author — ishrat jahan


If you like to make your own energy you should go to Avasva

Author — Egor Biletskiy