Why are Britain’s trains so bad - could nationalisation fix them?

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Why are Britain’s trains so bad - could nationalisation fix them? 4.5

2017 saw the most train delays in nearly 15 years. And as services seem to be getting worse, ticket prices are going up - leaving many passengers furious.

But why are Britain’s trains so bad and what can be done to fix them? Is nationalising the railways the answer?


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"Only a third of our network is electrified, which ranks us the lowest in the EU."

Well. You cannot be the worst in the EU if you are not in the EU. Smart move.

Author — irreal_laerri


and then there's Japan which apologizes for a delay by few seconds

Author — Atri Sanfui


UK: "why are our trains so bad?"
US: "dude! you have trains?!?!?!"

Author — Millimeters of Mercury


*why are Britain's trains so bad?*
USA: allow us to introduce ourselves

Author — Varga Levente


I’m Japanese. I respect British trains because we learned a lot from UK when we built railways 150 years ago.

Author — Toshi


I choked on my Schnitzel when i heard the british train prices.

Author — Dai Wei


*uploads a video “why r trains in UK so bad”

Indian trains: am i a joke to you?

Author — Fazan Fazanovski


Public: "We need to re-nationalize rail!"
Govt: "Fine, but you're taxes will need to go back to 70s rates to pay for it."
Public: "Ermmmm...."

Author — squire haggard


I bought a train set the other day, and when I opened the box it had a rail replacement bus inside!

Author — chris217


UK: I have the worse trains in the
USA : *Watch your profanity.*

Author — Louis Marquet


Important point, privatisation happened “gradually” take note on the NHS, don’t trust the tories.

Author — freakin16


"At least 8% of Southern Rail trains were either canceled or more than 30 minutes late."

*Amtrak looking on with envy 😲*

Author — ExperienceItStudios


"Why are Britain’s trains so bad?"

*Screams in New York*

Author — Abby Bonds


Try living in Ireland where trains show up once every lunar cycle

Author — sean doyle


"A lot of the British public have had enough."
Guess that just about summarizes most UK politics in the past 10 years.

Author — Diabetic Alien


Britain: worst train service
Romania: Hold my train!

Author — Andrei Gaming Elite


Raises concerns that there's some serious corruption going on with these private companies, fares are through the roof with little if any investment being put into the rail network.

Author — Ben Hunt


Why are Britain’s trains so bad ?
Romanians: bad? 🤨

Author — Ana Maria


Never thought we were getting ripped off as much until now 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Kaziourblue


“Comparing trains from the 1950s” *shows the class 43*

Author — TheEnglishTrainSpotter2020