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Journey Through India: Goa | CNBC International 5

In the last five years, the number of tourists coming to India's smallest state, Goa, has almost tripled. CNBC's Tom Chitty ventures through the coastal region on the second stop of his journey through India to find out why.


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Come to Northeast unxeplored Paradise on Earth

Author — Harsh Chaudhary


Am I the only Indian who feels American English's pronunciation is easy to understand than British English

Author — jaihind NatrajN


If u want another 'unique' region of India..visit the NORTHEAST of India. Trust me, it's a different world in a better way..

Author — KevinShultz


Beautiful Place, ❤ love From Indonesia)

Author — Yunita AnG


Well, well well. It's definitely better. Much better than the Mumbai video. It didn't miss much. Actually Goa for the Rest of Indian is actually the official party destination.
Waiting for your next video on Bangalore, the Tech. destination of India.
With Indian Railways you can really visit anywhere in India.

Author — Soumyajit Saha


Beware pakistan trolls pretending to be Indian

Author — Suraj kp


Seems CNBC is focusing on Indian internet users and viewers for more audience!!!

Author — lovingly MR


I’m from Pakistan and I have to say India looks beautiful

Author — Anas Allawala


Viva Goa
Viva to our Mother tounge langauge Konkani
Viva Goemkar
Proud to be a Goan
And proud of our language konkani and our warm Goan culture
Viva viva viva viva Goemkara..
Come to Goa the land of paradise..
soglem goemkarak mog

Author — pl 3238


Whoa Whoa Whoa! Western media made a video on not a single shot of a slum, poverty or poor people! Didn't the makers of this video think for one second of all the Non-Indians who need to see those stereotypical images of India to feel good about their own insecurities and unhappiness? All this video will do is educate ambitious people all over the world to the many opportunities there are in an economically booming India. Isn't it more important to show outdated depictions of India so that losers can feel better about themselves for an hour or so?

Author — ilikefries900


Foreigners always came to India when they needed it.

This time they just need subscribers, not the trillions of loot of past centuries.

Author — Aranya Writer


Oh you recently visited Goa . Glad you loved my state 😊😊 Lots of love 😊

Author — Val Gracias


you know india has music variety i don't know why do documentarians pic the worst indian music for background ex-: use
" Maria Pitache'' for this video and it would be 100x times better than it's current state

Author — fire is awesome


8:13 you find the food good . Indians consider it awful.

Author — Sajal Jain


8:21, that's better than you get on any British train.



CNBC does not has money to pay for Ac 1st tier or Rajdhani Express..even my driver uses Ac 3rd tier(which u used)..

Author — abc games


I've made up my mind long back.... Am gonna spend my retired ass in Goa....

Author — Shiva S


Idk why more & more channels are focusing over India..BBC is doing this for over an year & now CNBC too..Is all this for views/likes?

Author — Tushar Rajput


What's so funny is that any videos about Goa, no one ever talk about Goan cuisine. Continental food is not Goan food, Goan cuisine should be focus more.

Author — Nigel De Conceicao


Western media didn't show slums, Poor people, a rare video.

Author — Sharad Jain