NEW Huey Lewis & The News Music Video “Her Love is Killin’ Me”

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NEW Huey Lewis & The News Music Video “Her Love is Killin’ Me” 5

Huey Lewis on Hearing Loss, Hitchhiking Through Europe & New Album

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Huey Lewis's music and voice just has a sound of its own. I recognize it anywhere. Rock on Mr. Lewis.

Author — Little Joe


I was 19 years old, working at my internship when my boss called and said he was in dire straits of needing a 4th for a golf scramble, as someone wasn't going to make it, at Firestone in Akron, OH. I got there, we got New Nike Golf Shoes and bag. I was shocked. As we were standing there, I said to my boss, hey is that Huey Lewis. At the same time my boss said, "hey Hue, up here." I spent the day golfing with Huey Lewis. That was 17 years ago.

Author — Red Man


Whenever I hear " Huey Lewis " , I can't help but think of " Back to the Future "
such great 80's memories revived . Catchy new tune !!!

Author — barry macochener


This is Music!!! Not that stupefied Rap or Gangsta Rap crap just music with heart and soul. Musicians go to the studio with instruments to make good music not that computerized non vocalization scratching 💩.

Author — Ricky Williams


"The Heart Of Rock Of Roll" is back.
I remember their first album back in the 80's.
Yes folks i'm 53.

Author — The Original DJ SCORPIO


Just hearing this song immediately brings me back to the 80's and how much fun it was....Nobody sounds like this band which is why they are so good.

Author — jfbratman


“I’m afraid you’re just too darn loud”

Author — Antonio Picon


They still got the sound, so pure and so their own. God bless Huey and the boys. Thanks for all the rock 'n' roll.

Author — Illiam Deebe


Classic sounds man. It's good to hear music that the ppl actually play the instruments ya

Author — Triz ENY


This just in, Huey is still the man!! Sad about his hearing loss though

Author — Pablo G.


As a kid of the 80s this made my freakin day!

Author — Aja


Alright, Huey Lewis And The News Is Back

Author — PNT C


I was at a gas station outside Sacramento in 2004 or 2005 and was waiting in the bathroom line inside. The door opens and out walks Huey Lewis. He was on his way to Oregon and driving with his Mother who was so sweet. He was very cool about signing autographs and talking to the other patrons. Really nice guy.

Author — drumwrkshp


THIS IS MUSIC!!! No auto tune or any of that other crap. Great vocals, great instrumentation!!

Author — Cavalier James


Turns out the wait was what was killin' me... Welcome back!

Author — Ryan Spengler


GOT DAMN, that was a killer song and video. I have always been a Huey Lewis and the News fan. Their sound never changes with age. Always GREAT. I LOVE that all those professional actors and singers did this for free because they are friends.

Author — Whiteowl


Once a fan, always a fan! So glad to see/hear this. The heart of rock and roll is still beating....

Author — marc dudley


Love that there's an appearance by June Lockhart. She's still beautiful.

Author — Dr. killpatient


Every 10 years I see Wendie Malick in something new and I say "Damn, that woman never ages!"... and the streak continues!

Author — Marius Thefaker


"Her Love is Killin' Me": exists

Patrick Bateman: *In 2020, Huey released this☝*

Author — Jasper Van Brian Martin