Bam Margera | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 70

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Bam Margera | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 70 5

The show that has skateboarders talking - This week Bam Margera discusses growing up in West Chester Pennsylvania, getting on Toy Machine, filming for Jump Off A Building, the CKY Landspeed video, MTV calling to create a show, making his first million dollars, his Element boards selling through the roof, getting paid for appearances at bars just to drink, spending a year in Barcelona skating and much more…

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Shot By: Eric Longden
Edited By: Chris Roberts & Roger Bagley




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Bam Margera

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Roger Bagley

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Eric Longden

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💬 Comments

I wish life was as simple as it was when I was watching CKY as a teenager. Miss Jackass and CKY.

Author — Kal Morgan


Netflix needs to broadcast all of the Viva La Bam episodes

Author — BB6WhiteDiamond


Seeing how old Bam is now reminds me of how old I've gotten.

Author — ghbutler


Damn. Chris really is a great interviewer. Flexible enough to let the conversation go wherever it will, but still remembering important points and questions and going back to them. Funny, interesting, never losing the thread. Good shit.

Author — Tinleg Tical


bam seriously needs to go on the joe rogan podcast for real.

Author — Sizzlin Moe Szyslak


Bam is such a good story teller and he's got such a good story to tell.

Author — Samuel FlaBra


His head keeps looking more and more like Phil's.

Author — Anony mous


I wonder if Bam realizes just how big a part of many people's childhood he was. Any time I see him, I think Tony Hawk games, Jackass, and Viva La Bam. Now I'm in my 20's. Wild

Author — Mason Martin


I hope Bam pulls his life together....

Author — Ya Boy Blue


good they didnt push any dunn questions

Author — deadkennedy210


Rake yohn a chemist, I hope he's not working with mustard.

Author — Travis Clifton


I would actually pay to see bam sit on a stage and just share his stories of the Jackass/CKY crew

Author — Hydroxoid


Love this podcast. Breaks my heart to hear bam doesn't talk to anyone from the old crew. You can tell he misses the old days.

Author — Jake Anderson


Met him years ago in the philly airport bar, he even talked to my sister on the phone for a few minutes. I've always been a big fan, and this was a great interview, I hope he is well today.

Author — John


Brandon Dicamillo is probably the one who made me laugh the most, it's good to hear he's doing good nowadays

Author — Devin Curtis


"they had a house warming party for me with cake, i never showed up. I had slayer play at my house instead". LOL

Author — snapascrew


damn he's starting to look just like his dad

Author — trigga ville


I feel like Viva la bam (or everything this guy did) opened the door and fan base for everything Rob Dyrdek has ever done on MTV.

Author — Jayson James


Seeing this interview makes me realize how fast time flies for me. Still feels like barely a year ago the buds and I were just a group of skate rats, spending every second living and breathing skating, watching Zero's Dying to live or baker 3 for the first time with all the free time in the world.

It kind of gets me emotional to think just how long ago that actually was, and how I'll never have those experiences again. All of us with families/jobs/responsibilities, all that shit you use to love so passionately kind of falls to the waist side for the sake of stability and becoming a functioning adult. What I wouldn't give to have the whole crew back together shooting the shit and spending our days skating and purely just having fun.

To all the young bucks out there I urge you to really recognize that the fun doesn't last forever so please just live it up because one day sooner then you realize that shit all goes away.

Author — Xilas Jenkins


I remember the night jackass premiered on MTV...that shit blew my mind as a little kid

Author — emily gordon