The Tushui Pandaren are AWESOME!

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I have been leveling Aeluin on Wrymrest Accord and have a new appretiation for the Tushui Pandaren

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I've recently starred maining a Tushui Monk following their philosophy as best I can and I'm actually warming up to my Pandaren, I kind of prefer him over my Main Paladin of over 10 years, it just feels, right.

Author — Ragnarok


Man I had autoplay on, and I thought you were a really big youtuber and I was just so surprised that you only have 220 subscribers! When leveling my pandaren monk I didn't really think too much about the filosofies, I've just always been horde. Would definetly be cool if Ji would do something else than just sit around and actually do something. It hink legit every other race leader has been prominently featured throughout BFA, except for Aysa and Ji. KInda feels olike Blizz have forgotten we exist ;(

Anywats, you eanred a subscriber!

Edit: Jesus christ my sepelling. So used to having to write fast in WoW to responf to someone quickly, so I kinda just type without thinking

Author — Cairozh


I hope next expansion that I can play a pandarian Druid.

Author — Knoppel


plz do a "Pandaren lore/Pandaren RP tips" if you haven't already done a video about it, and please make it be a 50+ minutes video, making it the most complete and detailed pandaren RP/lore video in the entire youtube

i too have 2 pandas, one in each faction but i've never seen someone who play as one doing a (long)video on "how to RP as a pandaren"

Author — Postal Dude


As a Pandaren, I support this video. #Pandalivesmatter

Author — Darth Panda


I generally prefer the Horde, but as a Pandaren I play Tushui exclusively because I don't play Humans ever which means that the Alliance half of my roster is short one race otherwise.

Author — Adam Bram


The only problem I have with the Tushui is that whenever you use a hairstyle with a red hairtie it doesn’t match your tabard and looks awful! Lol!

Author — Jackerez


Awesome video, but as a person who studied Mandarin at UNI, I get triggered by the way you pronounce Tushui and Huojin haha. (I of course know it isn't really mandarin, but chinise culture inspired jada jada)

Author — NicklasHAL


Hm. I had came to that channel becouse of machinimas, but i see you got some lore discotions here. By my self, i really have newer played WOW, but i am big fan of its lore, sinse of WC3. Pandarens story is qite interesting. Thank you for this video.

Author — Anfol Studio


The way you pronounce "huojin" and "tushui" is appaling...

Author — Morgan Gibbons


Females still are the nicest looking models in the game.



TRAITER!!!! Just kidding :) Ive never played a Tushui, maybe i should!

Author — Alex Harris