AQW Alchemy Guide reageants and Ingredients

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Here is the beginning of the alchemy guide

map join names - items - times

/Join lair - Ice Vapour and Dragon Scales - 1:11
/join Bloodtusk - Rhison blood and Trollola nectar - 1:46
/join Orecavern - Dried Slime and Arashtite ore - 2:39
/join mudluk - nimblestem - 3:35
/join fire storm - sear bush - 4:08
/join temple - necrot - 4:41
/join stalagbite - Roc Tongue - 5:30
/join twig - moglin tears - 6:00
/join crossroads - lemurphant tears - 6:45
/join necrocavern or /join bordered boss - doomatter 7:05
/join elemental - Chaoroot - 7:45

Fish oil and Chaos entity details at 8:36

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To be honest, I don't like to rush the new level caps. I mean we wait so long for a raise, what is the point of getting it within a week XD I take my time and chill. It's been taking me longer than usual because I had all those exams thought... but as you can tell by all the videos recently they are over.

Author — Kervaal


Great video Zereldo! I feel inspired to work on Alchemy now :)

Author — Uber Hybrid


Hey Zereldo what dose wisdom do when u use it?

Author — Dakota Girard


3915 dark How did you get so many zereldo???

Author — Matthew Samples


id be really good if you pvp like all the other AQW guide youtubers! I love watching your vids, and I look forward to seeing you in AQW.
Just really like you in aqw peace :)
- dragonfable155

Author — SnooKappa


Can you do like a Blinding Light Of Destiny guide?

Author — Doiyadh


Are the rewards from the minigame randomized? Trying to make Bright Tonics <-

Author — Myx


What's the drop rate of roc tounge? Cuz it doesn't seem to drop for me

Author — Jhin


bro can i ask you does you mad bro badge takes to long time?

Author — sule6e