First Day of American High School as an Exchange Student

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As an American Student, most Americans go crazy for European exchange students, you’ll make friends quickly lol

Author — Sarah Lawson


Her: has friends immediately
Me: Takes me years to make 1 friend

Author — Kearah Urban


“This seems too casual to be a school outfit” haha... that’s a funny joke.

Author — dude bro


"this seems to be too casual for a school outfit"
meanwhile me, 20, in uni, "should I change out of my pajamas or do I just not care?"

Author — VampireNavari


Her: *buys hyrdoflask* I bought this water bottle, it’s called uhhhh a hydroflask? Everyone has these and I don’t know why
Americans: sksksksksksksk

Author — Ban


You'll make friends quickly, Americans have a thing for exchange students lmao

Author — Harmony DeVaney


shooter: **enters the building**
her: freaks out and hides
student next to her: first time????

Author — Syd _


Why is no one talking about her

A Cold piece of cheese on a slice of bread????

Author — Parkisapreacher


that "this is my first sunset" was so pure im crying

Author — Yasmin Bragatto


I actually teared up when she said she had no one to sit with in her last school.

Author — casgarth


if only she knew that she was gonna be titled a “vsco girl”

Author — Shany Rodriguez


Wait she’s Swedish. She sounds American to me

Author — Abimbola Oyerinde


Be careful with dress code, those shorts are super cute but a lot of schools don’t even let you where shorts unless they’re fingertip

Author — Faith


your english is really good and at first i though she was an american in europe lol

Author — harrison thayer


I’m proud of her making friends in the first day, i’d be quiet and away from everyone 😂

Author — Y Bntz


“i could also wear this but i feel like it’s too casual”
yeah so, americans don’t wear anything fancy to school LMAO idk what it’s like in sweden but i wear sweatshirts and sweatpants. no one cares what u look like thank god

Author — rose


Her in Sweden : we carry only an iPad and a pencil
Me in India: wow! Here our bag's so heavy! :')

Author — Hailey Girl08


I love how she went to chic fil a expecting to find something vegetarian lol

Author — Chey


“ what’s a parabola”

that had me DYING

Author — Noixh


Us American students don't really know that much about us history as you might think, trust me you won't be alone

Author — Alyssa