10 Movies You Didn't Realise You Were Following The Villain

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10 Movies You Didn't Realise You Were Following The Villain 5

That moment when you figure out the "hero" is the villain.

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Enders game : kids tricked into killing an entire alien civilization

Author — Sarah W


Ed Norton and Richard Gear's film, Primal Fear...

Author — Am Aguero


Wanted. Morgan Freeman and the whole league of assassins were the villains.

Author — David Alvernaz


The entire point of nightcrawler is that he is the bad guy - never ever does it hide it. It’s the whole point of the movie.

Author — MrChapmanification


What about The Others? Main character is convinced her family is being terrorised by spirits only to find its herself and family/staff that are dead and that she in fact murdered her own children and then killed herself in a fit of pure grief.

Author — Action Al


And the perfect example of this, " Shutter Island".

Author — Kurt Rogers


What about 2003's Identity? Relatively late in the movie you'll find out that everything that is happening is happening in the mind of a scizophreniac serial killer and his personalities are killing each others off until there is only one left. So they're all part of the same person, which means that you are following the villain.

Author — MyRegardsToTheDodo


Doesn't look like anyone has mentioned Chronicle?
Super hero origin movie, where it turns out it was a supervillain origin movie.

Author — EwanV


I truly hate that they moved the comments.

Author — luvprue1


The original KARATE KID Daniel Larusso started every fight through the movie.

Author — dave theguy


What about "Wild Things" almost every major character has a villainous plot twist (Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Kevin Bacon)

Author — Charles Puruncajas


This bug sympathizer definitely isn't doing his part!

Would you like to know more?

Author — Mista J


Interestingly enough, in most of those entries, the hero didn't realize they were the villain either.

Author — Geoffrey Reemer


Hugh Jackman in "The Prestige"

Author — Matthew Stevens


Ed Norton’s character’s name in Fight Club is not Jack. He is never given a name in the film or the book.

Author — Brian Boss


Well, if The Innocents made this list, the THE OTHERS should definitely be on here too. Even though 99% of the film was focused on "intruders" tormenting Nicole Kidman and the kids, we learn in just the last 2-3 minutes that THEY were the ones doing the tormenting. And the "THIS HOUSE IS OURS" chant sounded real villain-y to me.

Author — Sportalero


In the vein of "the hero is a villain" the movie Predators from the Predator franchise. Most of the captured and released to be hunted humans are presented as being elite special forces soldiers or mercenaries. The criminals are obviously top end criminal organization enforcers, and a couple reveal that they reveal in their actions. All of them except for one person are elite fighters or known criminals, the exception is a doctor.

By the end they reveal they were all selected because they're all murders. All the military people had committed war crimes or murdered people using war as cover, the criminals had all done terrible things to get their posts, and even the doctor turned out to be a serial murderer that used his knowledge of drugs to hide his crimes.

Author — Andrew F. Nelsen


Ferris Buller is a stretch if I’ve ever seen one. He specifically tells the audience at the beginning of the film that he bugs Cameron because he’s worried for his friends future and knows Cameron won’t won’t do anything about it himself. Honestly if you think Ferris is the bad guy you missed the whole point of Charlie Sheen’s speach

Author — TheJjcczz


"I'm the bad guy?"
"Yeah. You're the bad guy."
"Huh. How did that happen? I did everything they told me to."

Author — TH3 F4LC0N


"Footloose" where those evil kids win in the end.

Author — Russell Graves