This Citizen-style app helps keep Afghans in Kabul safe

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Ehtesab -- which roughly translates to "accountability" -- is an Afghan-created app that verifies instances of explosions, power outages, checkpoints, and other need-to-know information in Kabul. Since the Taliban took control of the city, the app has seen a surge in downloads.

Produced by John General
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The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures .

Author — Billy Bowers


Most dangerous places : Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis, Kabul... 😂 🤣

Author — Lil Lol


So cause CNN is showing, the taliban will probably be all over the app

Author — Madison Gittens


I’m sure they will have time to look at their phones while running for their lives.

Author — John Yost


Burning the family alive alert. At this time, you want to avoid this area of Kabul.

Author — Big Time


Did she come up with an app that stops bullets and machetes?

Author — KamalaHaris


As a software developer 40 years I have never witnessed such totally appropriate & responsive & inspiring. She and her staff and the volunteering community are experiencing a mobile software experience that is more personally rewarding, than any 1000 development teams.

Author — Bob Schmerda


Youtube'Google' just deleted my account that accused them of suppressing free speech.... LMAO

Author — DistrDiscern


When will the UN Security Council decide to expose the practices of the Syrian regime and Russia on the Syrian people, there are foreigners in Syria who suffer like the Syrians and the officers and the government have food, but the Syrian people are dying of hunger, corruption is spread in Syria in a very bad way, Bashar al-Assad is a war criminal, Syrian prisons and Syrian security branches are full and detainees

Author — Ahmad Mohammed alsalem


Guess who can also download this wonderful app! ...The Taliban (still a good app, and I’m sure it’ll see great use from Afghans, but I felt like putting in my own pessimistic CNN comment to complains about the discrepancies of global society from my vantage point here in Midwestern America)

Author — Luis Martini


Imagine that they need a app to walk around in their own neighborhood😲

Author — JourneyMan Smitty


Interesting!!! I wish the best. Greetings

Author — Pastor B Silva & Bênçãos


Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

Author — Daniel Grey


Currently the only positive thing working in Kabul!

Author — Amos Ngetich


Now you can track stabbings AND acid attacks.

Author — Aaron Sakhai


"Biden abandoned me in Afghanistan."
"There's an app for that."

Author — Nameless Progressive Clone


This is a smart idea. Hopefully the internet lines aren’t cut off.

Author — xxnike629xx


What happens when every member of the Taliban has the app? Super smart ….

Author — Phil J.L Fig


but is there an app to keep Afghans safe from being killed by US drone strikes?

Author — AbsoluteZero


France has pulled their ambassador out of the US for the first time ever. Lets see the left blame that one on Trump.

Author — Rick